How Would Our Politicians Look if They Were Rock Stars?


We are used to seeing our politicians in their stuffy suits, looking smart and perfectly groomed. This seems to be their staple look and we very rarely get to see them in any other light.

But if they hadn't gone into politics, and had chosen a different path instead, life could have been very different for our key political figures.

Take former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, for example. If his college rock band, Ugly Rumours, had brought him a little more success, perhaps he would not have gone on to a life in politics, but would have been a rock star instead. How different would his appearance be now if he had spent all these years fronting a rock band? 

With this in mind, UK shopping deals site,, have commissioned a digital artist to create some impressions of how some of our current, key political figures would appear now if they had been rock stars rather than politicians.

In the images, top Downing Street dog, David Cameron looks very weathered, as though his rock star lifestyle has taken its toll on his baby face. Ed Miliband looks like a long haired, vegan rocker with a full beard and Clegg could have some current success with his on trend rockabilly look – although it doesn't seem to suit him quite as much as some of the others. Theresa May makes a very convincing punk, with a large, bright pink mohican, whereas Farage's curly mop softens his features somewhat and leads us to believe that he could have been in a soft rock band throughout the 80s. George Osborne suits his dread lock look, which lends itself to a reggae tribute band. 

The full selection of images can be found here:

Would our politicians have made better rock stars? What do you think?  

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