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The result of the Referendum has rippled through the business world, and not least for UK-based SMEs. However, a website dedicated to supporting SMEs grow and engage with one another has proven to be an invaluable hub of knowledge during this turbulent time. has attracted the attention of some of the country’s most promising SMEs thanks to interactive videos, articles and insight pieces from the UK’s most well-known experts within the sector. It has also recorded interest from some of the corporate business world’s leading organisations. The CBI, the FSB and the IoD, who are three of the most prominent organisations within the commercial business world, have all provided inspiring and vital insight that has proven instrumental for businesses as they prepare to take on the marketplace out of the EU.

The Managing Director, from, said, “’smeforgrowth’ has been an invaluable tool for owners of small and medium sized businesses since its inception. However since the Referendum result, the website really has come into its own. Providing expert insight from some of the business world’s leaders, we have really contributed to the SME community.”

The website was set up as a way to provide small and medium sized enterprises with a space to discuss topics relating to the business world, as well as stay up to date with the latest developments that could affect their business. Unlike other websites dedicated to helping SMEs grow, nearly 80% of the site’s content is in video format. This provides exclusive insight by experts into the challenges faced by SMEs over the coming 12-18 months.

Some of the informative articles, ‘How-Tos’, and videos on the site include creating business plans post EU, choosing pension providers, attracting investors and how to speed up cash flow. Providing a platform for SME business owners to get vital insight and discuss the developments within the sector, the website is an incredible resource for those looking to keep abreast of breaking news and changes within the business world.

The Managing Director, continues, “The website has a strong emphasis on videos as they are easy to understand and provide a simple means of getting key information out there to busy business owners. It’s been well reported that the brain responds to video 60,000 times faster than text, so it only makes sense to include video on the site.”

Since the Referendum, the business world has been extremely unsettled. And for SMEs, it is even more uneasy. Martin McTague, Policy Director at the Federation of Small Businesses, notes that there are four key asks for the government at present. Access to the single market is imperative, as 30% of FSB members export aboard – and 90% of those export to Europe. Regulation is uncertain at present, as many are imposed by the EU. EU structural funds need clarifying post Referendum, as does the rule of EU labour for businesses.

The FSB is also campaigning for clarification on the Northern Powerhouse and financial backing, while also highlighting the need for improved broadband speeds, further thought into digital tax reporting, and emphasis on the National Living Wage for SMEs.

The impact of the Referendum has given SMEs extra cause for concern and this has been reflected in a poll conducted by smeforgrowth on its audience. A poll on Twitter highlighted that 50% of SMEs feel pessimistic about their future prospects in a UK outside the EU, while just 31% of the 616 SME managers who responded to the survey said they felt optimistic about their future. 19% were uncertain about what the future will hold.

Whatever the outcome, smeforgrowth will continue to do their bit for SMEs in the UK by reporting how they can best adapt to the new, uncertain and continually changing, landscape.

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Designed by experts in the sector, the website is optimised for use across all platforms, which is imperative for busy business owners looking to keep up to date on-the-go.

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