Hydrate Workforce with Free Water Cooler Delivery and Installation

Hampshire’s primary office services provider, SO Group UK, is emphasising the importance of keeping workers hydrated this summer with a money-saving introductory offer for new business customers. For a limited time only SO Group UK is currently offering the benefits of an installed water cooler for just £5 a month, with free delivery and installation.

The range of water coolers focus on three key areas: cost effectiveness, environmental friendliness and the ability to provide a constant supply. The water coolers are delivered, installed, sanitised and cleaned free of charge and in the risk of breakdown, parts and labour are all covered in a full breakdown cover package. The fast, reliable service from So Group is hydrating Hampshire in a convenient, consistent way, prioritising the need for high usage in busy office environments.

Bill Murray, CEO of So Group said, “It’s common knowledge nowadays that water is essential for us to function at our best. When people are busy at work, they can overlook keeping themselves properly hydrated. This can lead to minor dehydration which makes workers groggy, unfocused and tired. It’s essential that businesses prioritise an accessible water source for workers. An affordable way to keep everybody on the ball is to make sure they drink enough H20.”

With physical benefits including the reduction of indigestion, tension and headaches, upping water intake also promotes concentration, productivity and motivation whilst diminishing muscular aches and pains. The recommended two litres of water a day helps to boost health, concentration, reaction time and concentration, ensuring that workers function at their fullest.

Utilizing the best brands available on the market, SO Group UK water coolers for businesses are designed to be able to cope with high demand in busy offices, schools and other public environments. The filters can be effortlessly connected into mains water supplies providing an easy to use, eco-friendly option with a ready supply of flowing, clear water.

Mr Murray added, “Dehydrated workers are unmotivated workers. It’s a simple thing to do but it goes a long way. Ensuring people have access to a clear, clean fresh water supply means they can reap the benefits of it every day, especially in summer, when it’s easy to feel drowsy and tired.”

Designed to work with businesses, rather than against them, SO Group UK also have a range of package deals or bottled water coolers, suited to offices and schools that provide a flexible, low-cost weekly service covering all aspects including delivery, servicing and the provision of parts. The Economy Package is a cost effective option, costing businesses £7.38 a week and ideal for smaller office environments of between 1-5 workers.

The Standard package is suited to offices of between 6-10 individuals, costing £9.82 weekly. The Ultimate package can quench the thirst of 10 or more workers, filling 6000 cups and 70 bottles per year. Mains fed package deals and water boilers can be used to supply an unlimited number of workers and are ideal for large corporate environments and populated schools.

To find out more about SO Group UK and how the company is helping Hampshire based workplaces maximise efficiency with its intelligent office management solutions, please visit the website at: www.sogroupuk.com

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About SO Group UK: Dedicated to helping businesses save time, money and the environment, SO Group UK is the nation’s leading provider of office management services. From office recycling bins and paper shredding to water bottle coolers and plants, SO Group UK keeps businesses across Hampshire and the surrounding counties at the peak of efficiency. With healthy, clean and green workplaces proven to improve staff moral and boost productivity, SO Group UK is an intelligent choice for any office manager.