Hydratem8 Launches Sporty White Bottle Just In Time For Summer

The hydration experts at Hydratem8 have launched a brand new white bottle just in time for summer, complete with a motivational slogan that’s sure to encourage all users to keep fit, healthy and hydrated.

The stylish new white bottle comes with the same hydration monitoring chart on the side, helping anyone to keep track of how much water they’re drinking and meet their recommended daily targets with ease. The phrase ‘Nothing worth having comes easy’ is emblazoned on the side of the new bottle, reminding users that their struggle to remain hydrated might be tough – but it’s worth it in the end.

Chris Hillary, Director of Hydratem8 and top fitness instructor, says, “The new bottle is great for summer – it’s light and sporty, and the motivational phrase on the side will help remind people that their fitness struggles will be worth it in the end. The bottle also has the same hydration guide as our other bottles, with helpful reminders to drink and refill the bottle throughout the day, making it easy to keep track of how much you’re drinking and whether you’ve reached your daily target.”

Chris adds, “Whether you’re sitting in the office, meeting with friends or hitting the gym, Hydratem8 bottles are perfect for keeping you hydrated and propelling you towards meeting your health and fitness goals on a daily basis.”

The Hydratem8 range has already made waves in the health and wellness industry, as more people strive towards a healthier lifestyle. With a range of water bottles in adult and kid’s sizes, as well as a fruit infuser option to add a delicious flavour to plain water, the collection of water bottles has something for everyone.

Staying properly hydrated has a multitude of health benefits. It can help boost weight loss, skin elasticity, muscle efficiency, brain function and the metabolism - but not nearly enough people are getting the recommended daily amount of two litres. Hydratem8 helps anyone to meet this target with gradual, constant hydration throughout the day, empowering them to enjoy the many health benefits of proper hydration.

While many in the UK take hydration for granted, there are millions across the world who still lack access to clean, safe water. Hydratem8 has teamed up with PumpAid, a UK charity, in order to help bring hygienic water to those who need it most around the world, with projects currently taking place all over Malawi. £1 from the sale of each brand new white bottle will go directly to PumpAid, helping them to build wells, pumps and other infrastructure which will benefit thousands in the world’s poorest regions.

To find out more about Hydratem8, visit http://hydratem8.co.uk/

To learn more about how Hydratem8 helps the Pump Aid project visit: http://hydratem8.co.uk/pump-aid/


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About Hydratem8

Hydratem8 is a niche health and wellness brand offering an innovative, sleek and appealing product line. The flagship product is a health bottle that offers both drink timings and an interactive chart, which allows users to monitor their water intake on a daily basis to a gradual and consistent level in order to avoid any potential health issues which are associated with consuming water either too little, too much, or too quickly.



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