I Am The Agent Helps Buyers and Sellers Combat Stamp Duty

With experts predicting that the vast majority of property buyers will be paying 3% stamp duty within just two years, I Am The Agent is calling on all those thinking of moving home to minimise their costs as much as possible with their self-service estate agency. House prices are continuing to soar, and the average price of a home could hit £250,000 by 2016 according to new research by Haarts – triggering a rise in stamp duty from 1% to 3% for all those with properties worth £250,001 or more.

Londoners are currently facing a 36% rise in the amount of stamp duty they pay, as the average house price rises to more than £500,000, according to the Taxpayers Alliance. HM Revenue and Customs back up the stats, with their own figures showing that the government raised £10bn through its tax on property transactions in the year to the end of June 2014.

This will mean that on top of the many other expenditures that come with buying a house, those moving up the property ladder will be forced to pay a minimum of £7,500 extra for the privilege of owning a new home. I Am The Agent is rallying against the controversial tax and urging those buying or selling properties to cut costs where they can by using a fixed-fee estate agency that will streamline their outgoings at this crucial time.

Rebecca Peach, Founder and Director of I Am The Agent, says, “The rapidly increasing house prices are having a number of knock-on effects, including this huge impact on stamp duty. With more houses crossing the boundary between 1% and 3% stamp duty, the cost of moving house is getting ever more expensive – many people will now be looking at £7,500 at the very minimum on top of all of the other fees they must shell out for.”

She adds, “At I Am The Agent, we offer a simple and cost-effective service for all those looking to buy or sell. Those who are thinking of selling their current property and moving into a larger one can remove agency commission from their list of outgoings, ensuring that they’ll have more in the coffers to pay the controversial property tax when they upgrade to their next home.”

Using online agents can save buyers and sellers thousands of pounds in the property market. For those who are listing their property online and looking to move elsewhere, they pay a fixed-fee with no hidden costs or charges waiting to sting them at a vulnerable time in the selling process. They don’t pay any commission once they sell their property, putting them in a prime position with plenty of funds when it comes to negotiating the next mortgage or securing the next property.

Those looking to buy using I Am The Agent are put straight in touch with vendors, bypassing estate agents who can often try and claim a fee and force plenty of hidden charges onto both parties. The process is highly beneficial for those who may find themselves having to pay the higher tier of stamp duty – the savings they make in bypassing traditional estate agencies means that they are better prepared for the controversial tax on buying their new property.

To find out more about I Am The Agent, visit their website: http://www.iamtheagent.com/

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