InCommon – the new social media app connecting people with interests

InCommon is a new innovative app set to launch mid December. The app will enable people to connect with others locally who share similar interests and passions.  No longer will people with hobbies need to pursue them independently. With InCommon, they can easily connect with others, whether their interests include playing squash, chess or something more out of the ordinary.

Although most people have a circle of good friends, if they don’t share similar interests then they find themselves having to solely pursue their hobbies.  InCommon is about bringing people together and forming new connections.

According to Jennifer, CEO and founder, “Many people have an interest that they pursue alone because none of their close friends or family share the same interest.  InCommon is designed to help people forge meaningful connections with kindred sprits.  Of course, this helps people make significant friendships, but the idea is also to have a buddy or a companion to share something with you that perhaps you’ve always had to do alone up until now.  It’s also ideal for people who have moved to a new city or country who want to make friends fast.”

The app enables new users to sign up through their existing Facebook or Google accounts.  Once users have created a profile, they can then view friendship matches based on those interests. If the search function yields no matches, the user can search through individual interests.  They also have the ability to filter searches by distance, gender and age.  Users can also create their own interest groups and schedule meet-ups, amongst other things. The simple and elegantly designed app makes it easier to connect with others and build a network of new friends.   

Jennifer Jones noted that, “Whether a person has relocated to a new city, started a new job, joined a university or simply feels bored and isolated in their present area, the app is designed to help people meet, mingle and make new friends.  Many social networking apps ironically foster a sense of disconnect and alienation; they replace real life interaction. InCommon facilitates it, which makes it completely different to any other app out there.  Humans are social creatures and need to interact, which is why our app helps people broaden their social circles with like-minded individuals.”

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