Increasing Number of Pet Owners Accessing Interest Free Loans To Help With Unexpected Vet Bills

CarefreeCredit Ltd has announced that it has significantly expanded its network of veterinary practices across the UK. The company, which offers interest-free or very low-interest loans to clients that find themselves unable to pay for unforeseen veterinary treatment for their pets, is now working with more than 600 practices around the country.

Stewart Halperin MRCVS, Managing Director of Carefree Credit said, “As a practising veterinary surgeon, it was more than apparent to me that there was a definite need for a simple, straightforward and transparent service for pet owners to be able to spread the cost of vet bills but with little or no interest to be paid. It was with this in mind I started CarefreeCredit.”

CarefreeCredit uses a simple online facility for clients, providing loans from £250 to £25,000 for use against any veterinary bills. Credit terms offered by CarefreeCredit enrolled practices are normally 0% over 12 months or 9.9% over 24 months. This makes the loans a more affordable option than credit cards or other loans and can help pet owners who either don’t have insurance, or who need to pay additional costs beyond the cover of their insurance unexpectedly.

Stewart added, “The loan application process only takes the pet owner around three minutes to complete in the vet’s practice or they can choose to complete the application at home via an email link. The loan decision is immediate, the vet gets paid automatically and the pet owner can have complete peace of mind that their pet will receive the necessary and very best treatment they require as soon as possible. It’s such a simple service and is helping pet owners who were otherwise at a loss for how to afford treatment.”

Pet owners and veterinary practices alike rely on CarefreeCredit to step in and lend a hand financially when there is an emergency. In one case study, a pet owner describes their worst nightmare, having no insurance to cover the cost of urgent surgery and struggling to find help or advice anywhere: “I was told my Labrador needed surgery and it would cost £3700, which had to be paid upfront before any treatment would start and no payment plans were available. I came across CarefreeCredit and within a matter of days I had an appointment with a different, caring vet and a payment plan was put into place so the surgery could go ahead.”


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