Incredible Surf Destinations Now More Accessible Than Ever With New Flight Routes to Morocco

It is now easier than ever to experience the cool crystal clear waters of the North Atlantic Ocean at Original Surf Morocco thanks to a number of newly released routes to Morocco. For the first time airlines are offering non-stop flights to Morocco, making it easier than ever to reach the beautiful surf destination without changes or layovers.

Previously tourists would have to travel by taxi from Marrakech, but with additional departures offered to North Africa including EasyJet’s service to the coastal town of Essaouira, famous for attracting the likes of Jimi Hendrix in the sixties – tourists will be able to visit the picturesque destination all year round.

Original Surf Morocco, situated near the city of Agadir, offers visitors a home away from home experience and the chance to sample Moroccan culture at its finest. From rooftop yoga to surfing lessons and everything in between, Original Surf Morocco offers surfers of every level the chance to ride the waves in average temperatures of 26C (79F).

Abdellah Issoug, from Original Surf Morroco, says, “It’s great that there are now more direct flights to North Africa and Morocco.  This gives more people the opportunity to experience the unique surfing packages offered by Original Surfing Morocco.”

He adds, “For those who may not be interested in surfing there is also a wide range of other experiences available; from camel or horse riding to quad biking and massages in the nearby Tamraght village. We also provide more spiritual experiences, such as rooftop yoga whilst the sun sets”.

With direct flights now available from Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle and Scotland more Moroccan travellers are able to catch a flight from their local airport – making the travelling process a lot easier!

Make this summer holiday one you will never forget with a home-away-from-home experience offered by the amazing Original Surf Morocco. 


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About Original Surf Morocco

Original Surf Morocco shares special values about their surf school in Agadir, Morocco: Quality, humble, respect and work with spirit. They believe themselves to be a family and they always strive to act consistently with what they want their company to be all about: respect, trust, openness, and ethical conduct.

Original Surf Morocco has a different business philosophy to other colleagues and this is a key reason for their differentiation.