Independent Author Unveils Latest Controversial Page Turners

Michael Varney, a truth-telling British author, is ruffling feathers with a series of self-published books written to educate, enlighten and above all, entertain. Michael has been putting pen to paper since 1990 and over the years has produced a diverse portfolio of novels exploring an array of different themes, from politics and religion to romance and reality. ‘Readers Indigestion: Cooking The Books For 10 Years’ and ‘Lying in Wait’ are two of his most recent masterpieces that are set to take the literary scene by storm. The tongue-in-cheek themes push the boundaries of conventional content and brazenly tackle the topics that matter.

Michael says, “I’m an avid believer in telling the truth and consider it my calling in life to share and place on record, stories that need to be told. Too many authors and publishers shun the truth in favour of content that’s guaranteed to sell. On the contrary, I believe that we all have to be prepared to face the truth, however uncomfortable it might be.”

As a former Chief Executive of a local Building Society, Michael Varneys’ work is embedded in both corporate and personal experiences. The stories are then laced with the author’s sardonic social commentary which adds an extra layer of intrigue to already provocative topics. 

Using a clever play on words, ‘Readers Indigestion: Cooking the Books for 10 Years’ offers readers a critical perspective on the hugely popular general interest family magazine, Readers Digest. When Varney found himself no longer able to cope with its pretence of honesty, he took it upon himself to publish an eye-opening book exposing some of the publication’s questionable takes on the truth. Readers can download the PDF and ePub file for FREE from Michael Varney’s official website.

“For me, telling the truth is paramount to any author/reader relationship. The firm, Readers Digest simply doesn’t comply with this etiquette which I interpret as sufficient justification to expose them for what they are,” explains Michael.

Relevant and controversial, ‘Lying in Wait’ sees some of the world’s most disruptive groups flung together on Irish shores. Here, the violence of the IRA, the brutality of the Mafia and the atrocities of Al Qaeda merge in one sinister story that keeps readers gasping for more. ‘Lying in Wait’ is available to download in PDF and ePub format for just £4.

Varney said, “There are some truly evil wrongdoers in this world and to be frank, I think they all deserve each other. So I took the worst of the bunch, put them in one country together and let the chaos unfold.”  

With religious and political atrocities justifiably condemned in conversational prose, Varney then reverted to themes of love, passion and romance. ‘Endless Dreams: Eroticism For Adults Only’ caused quite the stir, with outraged responses from Michael’s sister leading to the composition of ‘Maureen Roly-Poly: Get Thee To A Nunnery.’ Other publications include ‘Great Tew: Living in the Past’ and romantic realism novels ‘Broken Dreams: Living Without The Past’ and ‘Wildest Dreams: Living One Day At A Time.’

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About Michael Varney: Born in Britain, Michael Varney is a left-wing independent author with a passion for unabashed truth telling. He tackles the topics that matter and is dedicated to offering his readers absolute transparency. To date, Varney has self-published six books, including ‘Readers Indigestion: Cooking the Books for 10 Years’ and ‘Lying in Wait.’