Infinity Lining Wakes Sydney Up From Pipe Repair Nightmares

A Sydney based pipe relining specialist is putting an end to excavation headaches with a convenient and cost effective service that relines pipes without the need to remove existing infrastructure. Using next generation ‘no dig’ technology, Infinity Lining is set to save Sydneysiders time, money and a whole lot of hassle.  

Quick, simple and economical, pipe relining has emerged as a popular alternative to conventional pipe rehabilitation techniques. Using innovative technology engineers are able to repair pipes without the need for digging. From gardens, foot paths and driveways to roads, buildings and factories, the lack of trench is a major advantage. Work can be carried out on almost any pipe, from drainage, storm water, conduit and ducting to high temperature, maritime, vent and industry.

The company is armed with over two decades of experience in the pipe relining industry. This includes international and Australia-wide projects as well as domestic and commercial spot repairs across Sydney and surrounding areas.

Paul Driver, Director of Infinity Lining said, “Our underground drain and sewer networks are an integral part of Sydney’s infrastructure yet they can also cause serious headaches when things go amiss. From costly excavations to weeks on end of inoperative pipes, traditional repairs are simply not practical. We’re offering a complete solution to this state-wide issue with our advanced ‘no dig’ technology that has as little above ground impact as possible.”

As well as being more convenient the materials used in pipe relining processes are far stronger than the current PVC replacements. Epoxy, silicate, vinyl ester and polyester are just some of the ultra-durable materials used to carry out pipe rehabilitation projects. All offer life expectancies of over 50 years which far outshines the longevity of their concrete counterparts.

At the core of pipe relining’s growing dominance in the plumbing and drainage sector is the fact that is takes away any joins in existing infrastructure. This creates a watertight seal and makes it impossible for tree roots to re-infiltrate the system. Thanks to the cutting edge technology the entire process takes just hours.

One of the major nuances of pipe repairs is the impractical aftermath. Dug up drains and pipes are often rendered out of use for days which can cause havoc for the local population. Infinity Lining offers a definitive solution to the problem, with its intelligent pipe relining process which allows for full use of drains, sewers and gutters the second work has finished.

Pipe relining is the undisputed future of drainage and Infinity Lining is at the forefront of the revolution. As well as pipe rehabilitation the company offers a range of additional services including unblocking, electronic pipe location, leak detection, CCTV surveying, junction relining and excavation when necessary. 

The company is underpinned by a commitment to safety and is covered by public and product liability of up to $20 million. 

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Based in Sydney, Infinity Lining is an Australian owned company specialising in pipe relining. Using revolutionary ‘no dig’ technology and robust materials the engineering team are able to carry out complete pipe rehabilitation projects without the need to excavate surrounding areas.