Inivo Delivers Verdict on NHS Agency Spending Caps

One of the London’s foremost providers of temporary nursing staff has delivered its verdict on the brand new spending cap for NHS agency staff, which came into force on 23rdNovember. Inivo is a renowned supplier of nurses, healthcare assistants and support workers to a variety of organisations in London and the south east – the team believe the new cap will help to level the playing field for nursing agencies all over the country.

The spending cap is currently being phased in, with the full system to be in place by April 2016. This overhaul will mean that NHS trusts will be have to pay agency staff like doctors and nurses a reduced capped rate based on the pay of a equivalent permanent NHS staff. The plan is expected to save £1bn over the next three years – a necessary step, with figures showing that NHS trusts in England overspent by £1.6bn this year.

Mark Rigby, Brand Director at Inivo, says, “The changes being implemented across the country will create a level playing field for all locum agencies supplying healthcare staff. Agencies will now be chosen on reputation, rather than their cost-effectiveness, and the NHS is protected from last-minute increased rates from off framework agencies, which is where the real problem lies. This change is actually good news for NHS-approved suppliers, agencies not on the framework will no longer be allowed to provide staff to the NHS, which means the more work for our locum nurses.”

Mark Rigby adds, “However nurses will already be seeing a reduction in their pay rates for NHS shifts and this may push them more to private care providers. Recruitment issues within the NHS are no different to any large organisation and locum agencies are a necessity to keep the health service fully operational. Having fully qualified staff ready to step in at a moment’s notice is a must – the new cap will ensure that the purchasing of locum nursing staff is more sustainable and force Trusts to explore all preferred suppliers as they cannot anymore offer work to the obviously more expensive off framework agencies.”

The cap has incited mixed reactions among the healthcare community. 108 NHS trusts responded to a consultation on the cap, with more than 90% of them in favour of the caps. However, the majority of clinicians and doctors that responded were against the caps. Many agencies are outspoken in their concerns, stating that nurses may be unwilling to work on the reduced rates, which is an effective pay cut for them. Additionally statements are highlighting that the heavily reduced agency margin may effect quality and training in the long-term.

Inivo will continue to provide exceptional nursing and healthcare staff to organisations across the south west. With a database of specialists in elderly care, learning disabilities, and mental health, as well as a number of nurses qualified to work with homeless and substance misuse projects, Inivo’s ability to provide a diverse array of staff is unrivalled, and won’t be affected by any spending caps coming into play.

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