Innovative digital care planning system prepares for busy period as NHS advised ‘focus on home care’

The need for change within the UK’s care sector is increasingly apparent, and in the first few weeks of 2017 there has already been controversial suggestions that could be the first in a long line of new strategies planned to turn the effectiveness of the industry around. As Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer at the NHS has advised the healthcare organisation to focus its funds on domiciliary care UniqueIQ, developers of a new digital care planning solution,  prepares for an increasingly busy period.

Just as the NHS’ Chief Nursing Officer has highlighted the need to change the “outdated models of care”, UniqueIQ built upon its already successful workforce management solution, IQ:timecard, to create IQ:careplanner, also addressing the necessity of transforming the health and social care industry. Alongside infrastructure reforms, re-thinking the ways care providers plan their workforce could drive the positive changes that care in the UK so desperately needs.

David Lynes, Director of UniqueIQ revealed, “Although just a comment in its initial stages, we support Jane Cummings’ views and agree that care should be focussed more on a client’s home setting. This may concern some people, with home care provider’s also facing challenges recently, yet we believe we can change the sector for the better.

“Streamlining day-to-day tasks such as care plan creation, staff scheduling and even payroll by using technology could be the simple switch that gives these companies back the time and money they need to thrive – ready to ‘pounce into action’ if the NHS does decide to rely on these services more in the future. And when it does, we look forward to assisting home care companies, and the NHS, with IQ:careplanner.’”

IQ:careplanner was developed following on from UniqueIQ’s acquisition of Care Planning System in 2016. Using the technological tools of IQ:timecard, a leading remote workforce management app-based software, IQ:careplanner seamlessly integrates these with specific home care focussed features gained from Care Planning Systems.

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IQ:careplanner and IQ:timecard was developed by UniqueIQ, a technology company that uses the very latest digital breakthroughs to spearhead creative solutions.

Founded in 2003, UniqueIQ’s IQ:timecard successfully operates across a range of sectors including the home care industry, contract cleaning, security and FM sectors. IQ:careplanner was released in 2016, tailoring the platform towards the needs of the home care industry.

UniqueIQ is rapidly growing and recognised for its innovative service capabilities – a legacy of many years at the forefront of the technology industry. It operates both nationally and internationally and places a premium on transparency and teamwork.