Innovative new comedy sketch recognized by Bob Mortimer in crowdfunding bid

An innovative British comedy sketch show seeking to raise funds has launched a crowdfunding bid on Kickstarter. Seldom Differ, the group behind the ambitious Don’t Tape Over show, were recognized by English comedian and actor, Bob Mortimer, who declared that the sketch was one of the funniest things he’d seen in ages.

Seldom Differ aims to breathe new life into the sketch show genre with fast-paced and engaging content. Don’t Tape Over will centre around a storyline where there is an island off the coast of the UK that has been privately governed for decades, with its own unique laws and history. However, the rest of the world discovers what’s been happening and the modern world begins to invade the enclosed society, leading to giggle-inducing scenes and laugh out loud moments.

Bob Mortimer helped Seldom Differ develop the concept for the BBC and the group behind it created a 9-minute teaser of Don’t Tape Over in 2012. While it wasn’t picked up by the BBC, the team have continued to build on the content to write a 25-minute script that they are now aiming to produce.

Matt Skillington, Actor/Writer or Seldom Differ said, “We’ve been building on the initial idea of Don’t Tape Over for years, adding new characters and fleshing out the concept to create a 25-minute comedy sketchshow that we know our audience will love and will have them laughing out loud throughout. We haven’t been able to shake the feeling that Don’t Tape Over could be a success and the feedback we’ve had from the concept and teaser clips has confirmed this to us.”

The Don’t Tape Over show will be split into two parts that are both made up of short, funny clips. Some parts of the shows will be made up of narrative set in the present day while other parts will give viewers the backstory of the solitary island through snapshots of public service announcements, home videos, TV shows and more.

Seldom Differ’s sketches have proven popular online with thousands of viewers watching and sharing each one. The group now aims to take their own brand of comedy to a wider audience through successfully raising funds to produce the sketch show. The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, which has already raised over £10,000, closes on September 14 2016.

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Seldom Differ is a comedy sketch group from Sheffield made up of Matthew Skillington, Ryan Howes, John Patrick and James Lord. The group have been making comedy for over 10 years, beginning with live shows before transitioning into making videos. 



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