Innovative New Garden Share Platform Launches

An innovative new web platform that allows users to rent green spaces in their neighbourhoods for the purposes of growing fresh produce and flowers has launched.

Choolip offers homeowners a chance to lease out their redundant garden space and budding horticulturalists the ability to begin their gardening journey by renting the land.   

With over 100,000 people currently on waiting lists for allotments there is undoubtedly a demand for growing spaces. With many budding gardeners residing in flats, they’re severely limited in their ability to tend a plot and grow their own. Choolip offers a convenient way for these people to pursue their hobby and get back to nature with rented spaces for growing fruit, veg, flowers and plants.

Aidan Flynn, founder said, “There are so many people wanting a garden and so many unused gardens, I saw a need to connect the two. We want Choolip to help foster the explosion of homegrown produce and reduce food miles by creating a marketplace for unused outdoor spaces right across Britain."

Many homeowners have a garden space but do not actively use it to grow fruits and vegetables. Choolip lets them swap this unloved space for money.

Flynn added, “Choolip is tied to the urban gardening revolution that is going on all around us and will only encourage more people to become fanatical about green spaces.”

Users who register with the site can search their local area for property that reflects their needs. Gardeners who use the platform can also sell their excess fruit and vegetables through an online store for a small monthly fee.

Homeowners are able to share many details about their space as well as upload pictures so those looking for a space to rent can find their perfect match with just a few clicks. It is the responsibility of the host to set the fees for their garden space. However, gardeners can negotiate through the messaging system.

The payment process is all handled through PayPal meaning it is simple and easy to use for all.

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Choolip connects landowners and horticulturalists in order to provide green spaces. For a small fee handled by PayPal budding gardeners can use someone else’s garden to grow their own produce and flowers. It also offers them the chance to sell fresh produce through their online store. 



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