An exciting new advertising tool launches this month, giving corporations, schools, sports teams and non-profit organizations a chance to put their brand into the hands and on the faces of fans, while at the same time creating a fun and interactive way to engage customers.

FANcard is unlike any other business card in that it gives potential customers a way to flaunt their true colours. Like most business cards, on one side it has the advertiser’s logo and contact information, however on the other side it has up to six customizable face-paint colours that fans can easily and safely apply to themselves at sporting events, parades and other events. So, unlike your average business card, FANcard is less likely to be just shoved inside a wallet and forgotten about. Instead, fans are likely to actively engage with the card by painting a favourite sports team’s colours or logo on a body part using the face paint – this means that they are less likely to forget about whichever brand is on the advertising side.

Not only does FANcard provide a fantastic advertising product, but they also offer additional services ranging from planning and designing of FANcards to distribution at the events themselves and as a huge add-on they can align companies and advertisers with their database of athletes (both current and retired) and celebrities to promote and endorse products, events and teams bringing another positive element to the FANcard experience.

Bryan Kinney, one of the founders of FANcard says, “FANcard is a totally fun, utterly unique and wholly memorable new marketing tool which is designed with two major purposes in mind. The first is the opportunity to promote a brand in a fully customizable, two sided advertising card. The second purpose of Fan Card and what makes it truly unique is the engagement of fans in a fun and social setting.”

The great thing about FANcard as an advertising tool lays in the fact that it is designed to be used in situations where there are literally thousands of people, each and every one of them potential customers. Take a football game for example, where masses of people assemble to have fun, get a bit rowdy and most of all show support for their team. All it takes is for a few people to hand out stacks of FANcards with the appropriate team colours on the back and before you know it everyone is painting their faces and having fun doing it. More importantly, without really realizing it they are interacting with a clever little piece of marketing material.  In today’s society where we are bombarded with branding and digital marketing material, consumers have become apathetic towards many traditional forms of advertising. If a company can put across a message while interacting with a consumer on a fun and personal level, this is a perfect fit. If they can do this very cheaply and with minimal effort on both parts, it is even better.

The paint on the back of the Fan Card itself is also completely safe and extremely easy to use. The wearer simply damps a finger in a glass of water (beer will also do fine at a party!) and apply to the face. It’s non-toxic so it’s not going to cause any nasty irritations and at the end of the event it can be easily washed off with water.

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Fan Card was founded by Bryan Kinney, Cam Auge and Vincent Cauwet. Bryan has a broad range of experience evaluating and analyzing large and complex corporate business models as well as setting up new businesses. Cam has built his success as an entrepreneur by staying ahead of the curve. He has an eye for the latest and greatest products as well as a sixth sense for when the market is ready. Vincent is a product manager with more than 10 years experience in the New Media Industry. He has launched and managed products for Electronic Arts, Yahoo, Mattel, MTV Networks, Budweiser and the BC Government. He is now part of the Vancouver start-up scene and is involved with a major incubator, always ready to create new products and bring ideas to life.