Innovative New Public Broadcast App Calls For Pilot Testers with Free Account Giveaways

An exciting new app is calling for Pilot Testers to start engaging with an innovative new service that is set to revolutionise the face of localised digital communication. Catering to users across the globe, Dropalo offers a platform from which account holders can publically broadcast short messages and rapidly share information with nearby users.

In return for getting involved, Dropalo is offering a number of free account giveaways to the top dynamic and interactive users, including 20 Lifetime Premium Accounts, 50 Two Year Premium Accounts and 100 One Year Premium Accounts. With the app certain to emerge as a key player in the social networking and real time updates sphere, now is the perfect opportunity to jump on-board and secure a free account!

Jhannon Fanus, CMO of Creative Loom says “We’re incredibly excited to have Dropalo up and running and the next stage is to drum up a crowd of beta testers, critics and champions that will help us refine the app and successfully launch it into the public arena. With the chance to win free accounts and secure a role in the upcoming commercial video, it’s a great time to register as a user and start sharing, exploring and discovering the world of Dropalo”

In an age where an estimated one in five global residents owns a smartphone, the new service falls perfectly in line with the growing trend of digital communication. Yet unlike other public broadcasting platforms such as Twitter and Facebook feeds, Dropalo brings a dynamic sense of relevance and localisation to the concept of shared communication. Depending on account type, ‘Drops’ have the capacity to reach other users within a 500m to three kilometre radius, giving the service a clearly defined purpose of locality based public relevance. From community events and invitations to pinpointed public warnings and traffic issues, Dropalo is an ideal way to keep updated, educated and well-informed.

Sharing relevant information is as easy as clicking ‘New Drop’ while those interested in discovering local happenings simply click on the ‘Here’ button for a complete overview of public Drops in and around the local area. Those wishing to share information privately can also choose to utilise the ‘Recipient’ function which allows users to specify who can see certain updates.

Regulatory features such as the short lifespan of Drops and automatic location detection ensure that all updates remain timely and useful to other users. With an underlying philosophy of sharing information that is true, accurate and relevant, Dropalo is set to surface as the next big thing in localised public communication.

Get Started

To register as a Pilot Tester for the pioneering new app, simply visit the website at, from your Mobile/Tablet/Laptop/Desktop, complete a registration form and start to instantly connect with nearby users!

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About Dropalo: Currently in its Pilot Testing stage, Dropalo is an innovative new app offering users an easy and instant form of sharing and discovering local information. By publishing ‘Drops,’ users are able to broadcast relevant messages to a local audience located between 500m and three kilometres of their current location. The relevance and locality brings a new face to the concept of public broadcasting and is set to revolutionise the way in which modern smartphone users interact with each other.  



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