Innovative new VPN from UK startup Vest combines anti virus, net nanny, ad blocking and privacy features

Creators of a unique new VPN product strive to improve the image of VPNs by launching the first product of its type globally

The creators of the new VPN service Vest have produced an innovative product which combines anti-virus, ad blocking, net nanny and online privacy technology. The product, which is free to use and works on all devices, can be accessed here and is the first of its type worldwide.

Vest’s mission statement is to protect the privacy and online security of its users, whilst also improving the image of VPNs.

Vest is a VPN with a difference, featuring ground-breaking new technology which protects customers from malicious sites at source, effectively blocking malware sites, in addition to providing privacy protection features, powerful ad blocking, protection on public networks and flexible net nanny capability.

Unlike most VPNs, Vest is not designed with content streaming in mind and its creators are currently only offering UK IP addresses to customers as they focus on the privacy and security of users above all else. Expansion to additional markets is planned once user numbers grow and secure server sites are acquired in additional territories.

Vest CEO Stuart Spice, who built the product himself, explains, “Vest is a new type of VPN which we believe is a genuine step in the right direction for those concerned about protecting themselves online. Independent organisations such as California’s Privacy Rights Clearinghouse are ahead of the game on this important subject and they recommend using a trusted VPN service as the first step for any internet user looking to enhance their online privacy. That is an encouraging sign for providers like us.”

“We are a highly ambitious company and we aim to massively increase user awareness around what big corporations are doing with people’s data. We want people to understand how vulnerable they are to price fixing, snooping and data leaks. We believe that many major search engines, internet service providers, mobile networks, webmail providers, mobile app producers and device manufacturers are demanding too much of our personal information and are making huge profits by reselling that information, often without our knowledge.”

“Standard settings on most connected devices and the privacy policies of many large online companies need closer examination and our goal is to raise awareness of these points whilst providing the first line of protection for online privacy and security to people whenever they are connected.”

Spice is a serial entrepreneur in the digital sector, having co-created the well-known web build platform Mr Site and a second successful technology company Buzzbox, which offers tailored VOIP-enable telephone systems to businesses and individuals.

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