Innovative security company celebrates 90 years in business

The Capital’s largest supplier of home security systems are proud to have reached their 90th anniversary this month. 

A true British brand, the Banham Group is one of the most established businesses in the UK and a household name amongst Londoners. With the vast majority of homeowners in the Capital owning a Banham lock or alarm for their properties, Banham have built an unrivalled reputation with their products and services over the last 90 years. Standing firm as the largest provider of security systems to homes in London and the South East of England, Banham are proud to have been at the forefront of burglary prevention since its inception.

Established in 1926 by the founder, William F Banham, who invented the first automatic door bolt, the company is still firmly linked to its ancestral roots. Still family-run and owned, Banham is one of the most well-respected firms in the sector. Currently under the direction of third generation Banham family, led by Chairman Charles Hallatt, William's grandson, the business has remained an industry leader over the decades due to its unparalleled services and reliable products of the highest quality. It is due to these inherent values that the company has continued to achieve year-on-year growth with stellar performance in a highly competitive marketplace.

Banham’s Executive Chairman, Charles Hallatt, said “We are so unbelievably proud to have reached our 90th anniversary. This is a significant moment for us not just as a company but also for the Banham family.

“My grandfather, William F Banham, started the company in 1926 when he invented the first automatic door bolt as a result of being burgled and not being able to get insurance. To think that from that moment 90 years ago, we are still here! To be known as leaders of our industry and iconic for our products is a really amazing feeling. We are excited for the next stage in our growth by continuing to provide the highest level of security and services to our customers and keeping people and property safe. Here’s to the next 90 years and more!”

From humble beginnings as a husband and wife team, the established business now has more than 350 employees – which includes 23 families – as well as six showrooms in London and the South East. The company moved to their RIBA-award winning headquarters in Wandsworth last year to allow further growth and expansion within the company for future decades to come. 

Banham’s dedication to giving back to local communities has shone through during the company’s time, however none more so than in 2016. The company launched the Banham Academy, an ‘education leg’ to their business earlier this year. The Academy is designed to help young people develop the skills needed in order to gain apprenticeships within the company and wider security industry. Banham provides training to youths aged between 16 to 24 in order to provide them with a solid foundation for the future, while also securing the future of the sector.

The next 12 months and beyond is also exciting for the company. The business is currently experiencing extensive growth with recruitment as well as development within their product offerings. The company’s successes look set to continue thanks to their incredible dedication to staying leaders in the industry and continuing to keep both people and properties protected. 

To find out more about Banham and their security solutions that have cemented the company as a market leader, visit their website: 


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Launched in 1926, the Banham Group was established when William F. Banham invented the first automatic door bolt. Since, the family-run and owned company has gone on to become the premier name in British security systems, producing everything from locks and intruder alarms to CCTV and fire alarms.