Innovative tech to make unpleasant home odours a thing of the past thanks to successful crowdfunding campaign

The launch of a new product that combines space technology, sleek design and usability is set to transform the home tech market, eliminating unpleasant smells and odours in homes around the world. Utilising the latest innovations, VentiFresh can be used in a wide variety of areas in the home, from bins to closets, and technology enthusiasts can be among the first to get their hands on the next-generation product by supporting the massively successful crowdfunding campaign.

While there are plenty of home remedies for tackling odours, none of them have the same impact as VentiFresh, which is three times more effective than baking soda. Rather than simply using chemicals to mask smells around the home, as some alternatives do, the VentiFresh takes inspiration from plants’ photosynthesis to deodorize molecules in the air. With it’s simple to install design and compact size, the VentiFresh is set to keep homes smelling fresh.

Danica Huang, Project Manager of the Innovative Product Unit at Conary Enterprise, the company behind VentiFresh, said, “There are so many areas of the home that can smell, from the fridge to shoe closets, but until now there hasn’t been a single, eco-friendly product that can tackle all these different odours like VentiFresh can. Homeowners can set up their VentiFresh in minutes and start enjoying the benefits of better smelling air.”

The VentiFresh isn’t just perfect for homes either but businesses and other premises too. The compact and low maintenance design means it’s perfect for gyms, offices, restaurants and more. The product seamlessly combines semiconductor deodorizer technology and ventilation techniques to create clean, fresh smelling air. NASA has previously adopted the technology used in VentiFresh to keep the environment clean on the International Space Station and now Conary Enterprise has turned it into an affordable solution for homes and business around the world. The sleek design means that there’s no filter needed and it can be moved around to suit the owner’s needs.

VentiFresh has already reached its $25,000 Indiegogo crowdfunding goal and will use the funds to take its product to market. Enticing perks are still available for those backing the crowdfunding campaign in its final two weeks. Investors will be the first to get their hands on a VentiFresh with just a $43 pledge, saving 35% on the RRP price. For companies that want to keep their premises fresh and attractive, the bundle pack, containing 50 devices, can be obtained for just $1,950, saving 40%. The campaign will continue to run until 15thJanuary, 2017.

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Conary Enterprise is a Taiwan based company that focuses on delivering high-tech consumer products to market. The firm has been operational for more than 40 years and its Innovative Product Team is behind its latest innovation, the odour eliminator VentiFresh. The company’s ethos of encouraging internal start-ups is putting it at the forefront of the technology sector. 



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