Innovative technological education provider celebrates new brand of ‘Consumable Robotics’

In this digital day and age, it is becoming increasingly important for younger generations to take an active interest in technology in order to ensure they are able to thrive. Established education innovators, CBiS Education, is excited to announce a bright new brand designed to help children learn about robotics, coding and the Internet of Things. Entitled Consumable Robotics, the brand will work with the BBC micro:bit and CodeBug to engage children when they need it the most.

Developing low cost ‘consumable robotics’ development kits, consisting of cardboard robots which include stickers, electronic components and sensors, the company aims to further encourage children to use the pioneering devices in a fun way. The high engagement development kits are supported by an online resource portal in-line with CBiS Education’s approach of Integrated Engagement Learning – which includes a useful blog and activities.

Chris Burgess, MD of CBiS Education, said, “We have always been at the forefront of educational technology, so it only made sense for us further increase our offering with a new arm of our innovation. Current products already work with the Raspberry Pi, so naturally we are big fans of the micro:bit and CodeBug, as well as the BBC’s commitment to helping both children and the country as a whole engage with technology. Therefore, as a technological educational provider, we felt the need to step up and help encourage further development; producing low cost robotics that are more engaging & at a tenth of the price of competitors.”

Designed for retail and educational markets, the activities have been mapped for the National Curriculum where possible. The system combines with the micro:bit or CodeBug – as well as other compatible development boards such as the Raspberry Pi Zero – and allows the robots to be controlled by the user. Extremely simple and easy to use, the project can also become Internet of Things related if it is connected to the internet using Bluetooth or another wireless technology.

Coming complete with a backstory, Consumable Robotics is extremely engaging for young students. An alien inventor, Binary, from the planet Hex has been building various inventions, including a robot friend called Dimm, a UFO and a Car. CBiS Education inadvertently make contact with planet during a project they are conducting called ‘Project Life’. And as a result, Binary decides to send copies of his inventions to Earth to see if they can iron out the issues he is experiencing with them. CBiS Education then act as the conduit for these kits, sending them out as they are teleported to Earth.

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Corporate Business Information Systems (CBiS) was started out in 2004 with the aim of providing software and hardware solutions for all sizes of business. In October 2012, we were approached by a secondary school in Yorkshire, with a requirement to help engage some of their students using robotics. We agreed to help and assembled some robotics kits for a 2 hour workshop with a mixture of 30 Year 8 and Year 9s. The results were excellent, 100% engagement and within 2 hours, everyone had attempted some programming. This spurred us on to turn the kits into a product available for all schools, and in October 2013 after a year of development and refinement, we launched our "Open & Get on with it" kits at a conference in London to gain valuable feedback. With feedback received, some further refinements and a rebranded business, we launched to the world as CBiS Education in January 2014 at the Bett Show, London. Since then we have gone from strength to strength, providing our resources to schools all over the UK & in several other countries.



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