Insprid Launches BEAUTY System Offering Exquisite Form and Exceptional Functionality

Finesse and functionality collide as Insprid unmasks its exquisitely designed BEAUTY series home management system this month. With its understated elegance, eye-catching soft pastel-coloured controls and unrivalled intelligence, the system breaks the mould when it comes to product design in the building connectivity sphere.

David Wang, managing director from Insprid said, “As well as being superbly functional the BEAUTY series also doubles as an avant garde work of art. The sleek design and subtle splash of colour makes it a stunning addition to any home, office or building that values both form and functionality.” 

Using an ultra-intelligent KNX smart system Insprid engineers have embedded the BEAUTY series with an exceptionally high standard of functionality. The KNX system is coded according to international standards which offer users an unsurpassed compatibility, interactivity and interoperability. From lighting and heating to refrigeration and air conditioning, systems can be flawlessly controlled at the touch of a button. The bespoke building automation system can be modified to suit any space, with a myriad of different statuses available depending on individual client needs.

Proprietors can choose from a trio of configurations catering for up to five functions. These include temperature display, user mode preferences, heating device, doors/windows, night mode, error/alarm warnings, refrigeration and fan status to manage air conditioning, exhausting and ventilation systems. From luxury homes, five star hotels and high rise office buildings to smart stadiums, next generation hospitals and ultra-modern schools, the BEAUTY building automation system instils complete control over any space.  

Using the BEAUTY series system is a pleasure thanks to the HD screen that shows current settings in crystal clear resolution. LED button motifs can be tailored to fit all home and business applications, with both in-house and customised designs available. Each panel is fitted with built in sensors that display up to the minute information on temperature, humidity, system information and more. Insprid appreciates that every client has their own unique tastes which is why it offers configurable front panels that allow user to change the appearance of their system.

Simple, smart and elegant, the BEAUTY series represents a new era of aesthetic functionality for the building connectivity arena.

David Wang, managing director from Insprid said, “Easy to program and magnificent to look at, the BEAUTY system lives up to its name in every way. It not only transforms the functional performance of a space but also adds a touch of style, class and colour.”

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Based in the UK, Insprid is a forward thinking group pioneering state-of-the-art home and office control systems. Engineers are committed to developing systems that are smart, intuitive and designed to offer users seamless control. Systems are underpinned by cutting edge KNX technology. The brand is a byword in quality and is considered a standardised OSI-based network communications protocol for intelligent buildings.