Interior Designers Show Increasing Preference for Recycled Wood

This year’s hottest interior design trend is the eco-friendly preference toward recycled wood. The spotlight has shifted from diminishing fossil fuels to one of the world’s most precious and endangered resources: wood. At the 2014 Architectural Digest Home Show, recycled wood was revealed to be a designer staple, with an ever-increasing array of top designers turning to dead, rotting, uprooted or formerly used woods to create stunning creations.  

Resource shortage has led designers to consider the environmental impact of their work. As well as being a sustainable source of wood harvesting, world-renowned designers have touted the aesthetic appeal of mature wood. Designer Mark Jupiter has said, “Old-growth wood had hundreds of years to mature. It has a character, a depth, a richness that young wood simply can’t match.” West coast designer Greg Klassen takes a similar approach stating that “I know every tree’s story because I know where it grew.”

Reclaimed wood is being used for everything, from bar stools, mirror frames, panelling and flooring and is picking up speed in both the UK and US. Salvaging wood from shipwrecks, demolished housing and old railroad cars and reconstituting it for contemporary purposes is now the hottest trend. Striving towards sustainability, designers are turning to trees that have already been felled. Repurposed wood, particularly which is over a century old has been touted for its pedigree which is impossible to manufacture in newer woods.

Tristan Titeux, Director of Empatika, said, “There is so much felled wood in circulation that there really is no need to cut down any more trees. Using recycled wood is not only environmentally conscious and sustainable but also a gorgeous alternative to new wood. Older woods retain a greater charisma, a certain look and feel impossible in newer woods. There is a real story behind them that is great to incorporate into a home or office.

“Older woods need to still be high quality woods. Sometimes the wood needs to be treated and reconditioned before it can be used but the potential is there. Old wood creates a very raw, vintage feel that is absolutely striking in the home. Empatika works with people who make furniture from reclaimed wood that complements our modern style perfectly.”

Empatika remains ahead of the eco curve, with its range of eco-friendly fitted furniture options, rendering them a top notch choice for businesses and homeowners looking to embrace the au natural trend. Able to construct bespoke bookcases, wardrobes, shelving, units and other furniture staples, Empatika’s team of designers create gorgeous pieces in line with their clients’ specifications.

Tristan added, “Wood is one of our more precious resources. We can’t continue felling it at the rate that we are. The emergence of recycled wood as a hot trend is truly promising for both clients and businesses. We are very excited to see how this one develops in 2015.”

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