International Expansion On The Horizon As Kontroltek Welcomes New Majority Shareholder

Kontroltek have kick-started their plan to evolve into an international company with the arrival of a new majority shareholder in the form of Mr Tony Jones, former majority shareholder in The Lektronix Group. The UK’s fastest-growing industrial automation repair company announced this week that Mr Jones has purchased a substantial shareholding in Kontroltek, with a view to both expanding their UK and overseas business, heralding a new era for the electronic repair providers.

Mr Jones will be providing strategic advice for Kontroltek in order to bolster future business plans, recruit suitable staff overseas and guidance on the financial implications of the impending Kontroltek expansion. This strategic support will be crucial to Mr Andrew Follant, Managing Director of Kontroltek, who has already achieved his primary goal of turning the company into one of the go-to providers of industrial electronic repairs and suppliers in the UK.

When asked for his thoughts on his new investment, Mr Jones said, “I am delighted that Andrew decided to bring me on board. He has already achieved his initial goal of making Kontroltek into the fastest growing industrial automation repair company in the UK with a first-class record for fast efficient service. My role is to help Andrew move the business into the international arena and accelerate growth even further."

Mr Follant, Managing Director of Kontroltek, adds, “We’re thrilled to welcome Tony to the team, and look forward to the great contribution he will undoubtedly make in his new position as a substantial shareholder. His guidance and expertise as we look to expand globally will be a valuable asset to Kontroltek, and we’re very excited to see what the future will bring with Tony helping to pave the way for our first international expansion.”

Kontroltek has gone from strength to strength in recent years, repairing industrial electronics from a variety of leading manufacturers. Initially starting out as a supplier to South Wales, the company branched out and has become a national supplier within a matter of years. Now at the forefront of the industry, Kontroltek’s commitment to high quality service has seen them expand to the point where international growth is the next natural step.

The company offers a combination of supreme technical ability thanks to their exceptional staff, an unrivalled customer service experience and the highest quality repairs on the market – with a 24/7 call-out option to give all customers the utmost peace of mind. It’s this commitment to excellence that will see Kontroltek become a big name on the global markets over the coming years, with Mr Jones and Mr Follant guiding the way.

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