International Group of Investors led by Kayar Raghavan invest in Clozer

Kayar Raghavan leads a group of international investors to invest an undisclosed amount in Clozer, the ‘Uber of Sales’.

Kayar brings 40 years of business experience. His other recent investments include Seedrs, Purplle, Albert Medical Devices, Velvetcase, Astrid & Miyu, Orphedia, StentTek, Speechtrans, Pick Me eSolutions, System Insights and a dozen more. Kayar is a Lead angel in London and Chennai. He joins the Clozer board as a director.

The funds invested will be used to recruit 500,000 clozers and make significant improvements to the user interface. They will also be used to test, verify and train Clozers.

Bloomer said, what we’ve demonstrated so far is product market fit. Now we need to get insanely serious about clozing sales for our customers and delivering flexible sales jobs to sales professionals. That means retooling the system with the customer feedback suggestions we have received.

The funds are the second such investment and the next stepping stone to securing Series A funding planned for late summer. And there is no shortage of interest for Series A. Bloomer has been cold contacted by several venture funds worldwide and talks are on-going.

Bloomer has shown great vision and mettle in pulling the platform together, leading to investors clozing this round in just a few days.

She sure has a few more challenges on her hands but as a young woman from a council estate who was the first in her family to earn a high school education and latterly a law degree, investors are confident her passion and resilience will take the company all the way.

Kayar says ‘I am thrilled to invest in Clozer. Working with Ami, I feel like I could be looking at the company to change business globally.’

Is passion enough? Can Clozer overcome the remaining bumps? One thing is for the sure. It has the cash to execute on its promise.

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