Interview Vision Set To Reshape European Recruitment Market

Hiring the perfect recruit just got easier with the launch of a brand new video recruitment solutions platform. Based in Europe, Interview Vision has just been appointed as the official European agent for Interviewstream US, America’s award winning web based video interviewing and recruitment software. Quick, efficient and completely borderless, the innovative technology is set to emerge as a must have recruitment tool for businesses and employment agencies across Europe.

At its core Interview Vision is designed to streamline the recruitment process, increase the candidate pool and improve the calibre of applicants. The interviewees experience is second to none while businesses using the video interviewing platform reap the benefits of remarkable returns.

Complementing the software’s key functionality as a video interview platform are a number of features engineered to enhance the overall user experience. These include integration compatibility with most applicant tracking systems, the option of archiving standout candidate interviews, the ability to offer candidates a day-to-day glimpse at company operations, the freedom to share candidates, feedback and comments with other decision makers and the freedom to upload customised introductory videos. Intelligent and intuitive, Interview Vision will undoubtedly reshape the face of contemporary recruitment.

According to a recent study conducted by Oxford Economics the cost of replacing a single staff member rings in at an eye watering £30,614. The overall impact of staff turnover expenditure on the British economy alone is an estimated £4.13bn per year. In order to combat these staggering statistics experts maintain that the key lies in recruiting the right staff member the first time round. 

Linda Smith, HR Director of Unum, the UK’s leading income protection insurance and rehabilitation said, “This report reveals a stark cost implication for businesses dealing with staff turnover. While the logistical cost of replacing an employee will probably come as no surprise to businesses, the financial impact of having replacement workers learn the ropes is probably a cost that businesses have not before considered.”

Interview Vision is on a mission to help businesses slash their recruitment outgoings by providing a unique platform that streamlines the interview process and makes hiring the ideal candidate a breeze.

Jim Hughes, Sales Director at Interview Vision said, “The latest research revealing the cost of replacing employees is staggering. As experts suggest, the only way to slash these extortionate outlays is to get it right the first time. Interview Vision does just this by offering companies access to an efficient and effective online recruitment platform that drastically reduces hiring costs as well as boosts long-term employee retention rates.”

Setting Interview Vision apart from the competition is the incredible value for money that it offers its clients. Members enjoy the flexibility to conduct an unlimited number of interviews as well as advertise an infinite number job positions. Thanks to an interface customisation option customers enjoy the option of operating a platform branded with their own business logo or colours. This immediately instils a sense of professionalism and helps to attract the highest standard of applicants.

The universal nature of the video recruitment software lends itself to a wide range of sectors including recruitment agencies, large corporations, SMEs, educational institutions and more. Interview Vision is currently utilised by an array of blue chip companies such as IBM, Viacom, Sodexo, Dell and Stanford University.

Pricing is extremely affordable and has the potential to save many companies thousands of pounds or euros on their annual recruitment spend.

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About Interview Vision: Partnered with Interviewstream US, Interview Vision helps companies generate great candidate experiences and remarkable returns through web-based video screening, interviewing and preparation software. The online interview software can be integrated into most applicant tracking systems which makes it suitable for use in a range of different sectors