Intoro Anti-Bluelight Screen Protector Makes ‘Night Shift’ Mode More Effective

Tech consumers can now take back their sleep and make Night Shift mode work as intended thanks to the newly launched Anti-Bluelight eyewear and screen cover range from screen protector experts, InToro.

The ‘Night Mode’ feature in Apple’s Ios 9.3 update is a revolutionary step by the tech industry, taking action to protect its users from harm. This move comes after growing concerns over the long term effects of exposure to the harmful blue rays emitted by smartphone and tablet screens, with many reporting disrupted sleep routines alongside other negative health side effects.

Modern living has seen a change in preferred evening leisure activities, with much of the UK’s after school or after work time being spent browsing a smartphone or tablet for entertainment. The digital screens used on such devices expose users to a blue light, which experts warn can be detrimental. With studies suggesting that 60% of people spend more than 6 hours a day in front of a digital device, these warnings are not to be taken lightly.

Elad Shachnick, CEO of  InToro Glass UK commented, “Whether it be good or bad, it is fact that most of our leisure time is spent browsing websites or watching videos online, especially when winding down, means Night Shift mode is a very necessary move forwards. With busy schedules exacerbating an already sleep deprived culture, it is crucial to make sure that the time we do have to rest is used to properly recharge, for improved mental and physical health. Long term exposure to digital screens can prevent this from happening. Our Anti-Bluelight range kicks Night Shift up a gear, making it even more effective and helping it do the job it was intended for.” 

The human brain associates blue light with that of the sky, tricking it into thinking it is daytime after looking at a blue-light emitting digital screen. Restless activity during the night causes disrupted sleep patterns, leading to headaches, eye strain, fatigue and reduced mental capability. Filtering out the blue-light can help users scroll their digital screens late into the evening, without effecting their night’s sleep.

Shachnick continued “As a trusted name amongst technology consumers thanks to our range of tempered glass screen protectors, we were keen to launch a range of products making digital screen use safer and Night Shift working at full capability. It is great to see technology industry leaders such as Apple are also taking steps towards solving this ongoing problem and we hope our customers can combine this innovative update with our blue-light protection products to achieve a safer browsing experience”.

The new range of products from the tempered glass experts includes a series of screen protectors for a variety of popular iPhone models. Each is made out of the tempered glass they are famed for, with the added advantage of being able to block out 60-percent of harmful blue light. Those with a tablet or different brands of smartphones can also achieve better health thanks to the Eyewear products also on offer, featuring stylish frames with the superior quality, blue-light protected glass lens.

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