Introducing Master Key Network – The Entrepreneur’s Must-Have Marketing Resource

Entrepreneurs hoping to make their name on the web can now sign up to a sophisticated new marketing resource which will help them achieve all of their goals. Master Key Network is an exciting new platform, currently in the pre-launch phase, which not only connects entrepreneurs with each other, but offers a wealth of educational materials and free resources which will help go-getters realize their marketing ambitions.

Master Key Network has been in the works for two years, with a team of experts putting together an incredible array of materials and resources, from website building tools to an indexed blogging platform. Subscribers to Master Key Network will become part of a program which opens the door to a myriad of potential income streams, as well as teaching entrepreneurs how to make the best of themselves on the web.

A.K. Ivanova of Master Key Network, says, “We’re thrilled to finally launch after two years of putting together the dynamic, effective materials that will help entrepreneurs all over the world. We don’t see ourselves as a business opportunity – we see ourselves more as a light in the dark tunnel that online marketing can often seem like. We want to help entrepreneurs cut through the online chaos and achieve their goals, whatever they may be.”

As part of the pre-launch, subscribers will be able to access discounted subscriptions and a chance to win an array of exciting prizes. Anyone who signs up between 1st and 12th of August will receive a three month subscription for free. Everyone who subscribes during this period will also be entered into a grand prize draw, where Master Key Network will choose three winners to be awarded a free year-long gold, silver and bronze package, respectively. 25 additional winners will receive a six-month gold subscription, 50 winners will receive a three-month silver subscription, and 100 further winners will receive a three-month bronze subscription, which can be added onto the three free months they received simply for signing up.

A.K. Ivanova adds, “We’re very excited to see how Master Key Network will help the entrepreneurial world. Our resources will help members build high-yield websites and promote their own high-quality content – they’ll even have the opportunity to buy and sell products between themselves, in an engaged and switched-on entrepreneurial society which recognizes quality when they see it.” 


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