INTRODUCING MEDITACIOUS – THE INSPIRING NEW APP To help you establish a regular meditation practice.

These days it seems that life can happen at a dizzyingly fast pace. The stresses of modern society and the incredible rate at which modern technology is developing mean that sometimes it can all seem like too much. That’s why more and more people are turning to the ancient practice of meditation in order to find peace, quiet and contentment, to take a moment to put some order back into their day.

But as we are constantly surrounded by a million and one distractions caused by modern technology, social media and the like, it can be hard to find the time and space to sit down, relax and reach that Zen state of total tranquillity. That’s why Meditacious have created a new app and website that together let those interested in the practice of meditation to use technology to plan, track and stay engaged with their meditation practice.

Creator of the Meditacious app and website Marc Jacquemin says ‘Most of us are aware of the benefits of meditation. It’s good for our health, it increases our mindfulness, and it can even help us to be happier. But even if I know that meditation is good for me I still struggle to get it done. As some Masters say “It’s the long walk to the cushion.” I started thinking about how I could use technology to support me in my daily meditation?’ and that’s how Meditacious was born. It is about using technology as a support for our meditation instead of being a distraction.’

There are a variety of ways that the Meditacious app and website can be combined to improve meditation practices. Its simple yet beautiful interface allows users to time, track and monitor their progress in five different ways, from a timer to a simple tap. It can be used to count mantras, track Buddhist and spiritual practices or even yoga sessions and keep a journal of progress. It also allows users to set gentle alarms that serve as a reminder to take meditation breaks where ever possible – during lunch breaks, on the train, whenever there is a spare couple of minutes. The app can also be used to set goals, making it that bit easier to achieve meditation milestones. Everyday there will be three new challenges to spice up the practice. A final unique feature, called ‘Sit with Friends’ allows multiple users to meditate simultaneously for 5 to 20 minutes with someone that could be on the other side of the world.

Additionally, Meditacious also acts as a social media tool, creating a community of likeminded individuals who can inspire and motivate each other while sharing thoughts, insights or tips about meditation sessions. The main idea is to inspire and be inspired by others. This engagement can prove instrumental in maintaining a long term discipline.

The website is free to use and the app itself costs  £1.99, the small charge keeping it free of adverts as well as funding further research into mobile meditation technology.

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Meditacious is dedicated to helping people establish a daily meditation practice using tools that we use all the time, our phones, our computers, our watches. In the medium and long term we will focus our efforts in finding new and exciting ways to use existing and upcoming technology to support meditation and other Buddhist practices. People learn in many different ways, and at Meditacious we believe that technology is becoming a major support in how people learn, engage and stay motivated.  Our goal is to discover new, stimulating and effective ways to motivate people to get to their cushion and meditate!