Introducing Pinbuilds – The Carpentry Company Bringing Pinterest’s Luxe Interiors To Life

The firm takes commissions directly from Pinterest pins, creating luxury wooden furniture for customers all over the US.

A brand new startup is bringing the idyllic world of Pinterest to life, by building deluxe wooden items directly from the image-based social network.

Pinbuilds is a brand new concept which makes Pinterest dreams a reality. Customers simply send over an image of their desired wooden furniture or structure, and the expert carpentry team at Pinbuilds build it from scratch. From patio furniture to bookshelves, and from garden gazebos to desks, there’s nothing the team can’t create directly from Pinterest.

Brady Millo, Designer and Builder at Pinbuilds, says, “Pinterest has been a revelation in interior design and home furnishings, allowing people to create beautiful mood boards and inspirational collections of their favorite homeware items. But who has the know-how or the time to bring these Pinterest creations to life?”

Brady adds, “Pinbuilds is a one-of-a-kind company that takes popular Pinterest pins and builds them for customers who would otherwise only dream of having such a beautiful piece. Whether they’re looking for a gorgeous ewe wood fireplace or a collection of oak patio furniture for their outdoor space, customers simply send us the Pins and we recreate them as faithfully as possible. Creating the home of your Pinterest dreams is now a real possibility!”

Pinterest has been a social networking phenomenon, with millions of users across the world using it to curate stunning collections of images. The focus on aesthetics has meant it’s a great platform for those planning a new living space or collecting inspiration for their next home renovation.

Users wanting to commission a piece from Pinbuilds simply send the team the Pin of their choice – there’s no money exchanged upfront, which offers customers real peace of mind. Once the Pinbuilds team has created the item, they send a photo to the original customer, who has the option to buy it.

If the customer decides against buying the bespoke piece, for whatever reason, it will be put up for sale on the Pinbuilds website – but to this day, the Pinbuilds team have never built an item that the customer didn’t purchase at the end of the process!

The firm takes all major credit cards and there’s free shipping on most of the items, making it even more cost-effective. There’s also a full money-back guarantee – if the customer isn’t satisfied with the piece when it arrives, they can send it back for a full refund. 

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