Introducing ProVino – The First Supplement to Combine Resveratrol and Procyanidins

As two more studies reveal the further health advantages of drinking red wine, a brand new nutritional supplement has launched which aims to deliver all of the benefits associated with the drink – without the pitfalls that often accompany alcohol.

ProVino is a unique vegan supplement, and the very first capsule on the market to combine resveratrol and procyanidin – the two celebrated polyphenols found in red wine. Now, ProVino is set to become a high priority purchase for the health conscious, especially after the release of a number of studies, which extol the virtues of these important compounds.

One of the studies found that resveratrol, one of the ingredients in ProVino, can inhibit the formation of the inflammatory factors which could trigger cardiovascular diseases – something which has long been suspected by those studying red wine and polyphenols. The other study found that those who regularly drank red wine were at a lower risk of certain cancers than non-drinkers. Resveratrol has been hailed as something of a miracle compound, with experts predicting it could become a key tool in the fight against heart disease and many common cancers.

But what sets ProVino apart is its inclusion of the other key antioxidant in red wine – procyanidin. This polyphenol contributes towards heart health just like resveratrol, but instead of restricting inflammatory triggers, procyanidin has been proven to lower ‘bad cholesterol’, as well as keeping the circulatory system healthy. Not only that – it prevents the destruction of collagen by the body, contributing to youthful, glowing skin. 

The combination of the two is about to set the world of supplements abuzz, with one dosage of ProVino providing 250mgs of both compounds. This dual approach to cardiovascular health offers double the protection from certain diseases, and could yet prove to be an important weapon in the fight against common cancers.

A spokesman for ProVino says, “We have created the first supplement on the market to combine the two most beneficial ingredients in red wine – resveratrol and procyanidin. Separately, the two are strong antioxidants which have a multitude of health benefits – but combined, they create a powerful capsule that could help with everything from heart health to the visual effects of ageing. Those concerned about either of these things don’t have to resort to drinking red wine in order to enjoy the benefits of the compounds – our capsules offer a great way to reap the benefits of red wine, without consuming toxins or harmful ingredients.”

Red wine has always been the source of much debate among medical researchers, but many third party studies have found further benefits of consuming resveratrol and procyanidins. One study found that those taking a supplemental combination of the two compounds for sixty days had significantly younger looking skin tone and enhanced elasticity, when compared with the control group. Other research has found that the polyphenols can lower blood pressure, protect the endothelial system, decrease the risk of type two diabetes, and boost hair growth in those affected by male pattern baldness.

The health benefits are seemingly endless – and thanks to ProVino, anyone can supplement their diet with these compounds, without adding alcohol to their system. To find out more about ProVino, or to order today, visit the website:

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About Provino Health: ProVino is a nutritional supplement comprised of a combination of concentrated resveratrol and procyanidin, which are polyphenols found in red wine. The dosage is many times higher than what drinking red wine provides without the alcohol or the calories – and the combination offers a multitude of health benefits proven by science.