Introducing Scintilla - The Body Art Craze Set To Make Festivals Sparkle

The tiny flashing gems will take fancy dress, cosplay, festivals and body art to the next level.

The festival scene is about to get a lot more sparkly. Say hello to Scintilla – a collection of tiny flashing gems, complete with miniature LEDs, which are set to become the next big trend in body art and fancy dress.

Scintilla is currently the focus of a Kickstarter campaign to raise £25,000, which will be used to manufacture and ship the gems for the first time. The campaign launches on September 1st 2016 and will run for 30 days, and the team behind Scintilla is attempting to spread the word about these game-changing fashion items.

Mark Gammage, Project Manager of Scintilla, says, “Imagine if you could accessorise your festival look, nightclub outfit or fancy dress costume with a bundle of tiny flashing gems. You’d literally be able to sparkle all day and all night, whether you’re getting down in the mud at Glastonbury or hitting the dancefloor at your favourite local club. We wanted to make that dream a reality, and Scintilla is the result.

“We’re looking to crowdfund £25,000 to help bring Scintilla to life and make the gems a viable product for savvy stylistas everywhere. The campaign will launch on September 1st and we hope to receive the generous support and backing to put these incredible, on-trend flashing gems into full production.”

The gems themselves are tiny, using some of the smallest batteries and LEDs in the world, encased in a beautiful diamond-shaped cover. Each gem can last for up to 14 days thanks to a super-small microprocessor which helps to reduce power consumption significantly. Rechargeable batteries will also be available for the gems, which means no stocking up on new gems when the old batteries run out of juice.

Scintilla gems are set to be the next big trend in the world of body art, and they have a multitude of different applications. From enhancing a Halloween costume to dressing dancers and entertainers for corporate events, creative souls will find endless ways to use the gems to their highest potential, creating unique looks that twinkle and shine for days.

As the launch date of the Scintilla Kickstarter campaign approaches, the team is encouraging backers to sign up to its email list for all the latest updates. Those who join the mailing list will receive 50% off their first order of Scintilla gems when they go on general sale – and of course, those who back the Kickstarter campaign will gain access to a number of exciting rewards based on their level of support. 

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