Introducing Snapp CV The Next-Generation Jobs Board with a Visual Twist

Say hello to Snapp CV – a pioneering new mobile-based job search app tapping into the fast-growing trend for video recruitment that’s dominating the industry.

The next-generation jobs board takes the original concept of the CV and brings it firmly into the digital age, allowing users to create short 60-second video clips that bring their job applications to life. Available on iOS and Android phones, Snapp CV is giving jobseekers a great way to stand out and make their voice heard in an increasingly crowded and competitive jobs market, as well as blazing a trail in the world of video recruitment.

The app is currently the subject of an ambitious crowdfunding campaign, which plans to raise £350,00 in order to support development fees and help market the app to the right audience.

Natasha Makhijani CEO of Snapp CV, says, “The digital revolution is powering real change in the world of recruitment – and here at Snapp CV, we want to be at the forefront of that revolution. 70% of employers admit that CVs are no longer enough when they’re trying to differentiate between candidates, and 85% of candidates themselves believe their personality is just as important as their qualifications when it comes to succeeding in their job. Our exciting mobile concept aims to give employers a new way to differentiate between applicants, as well as giving the candidates that prime opportunity to showcase their personality alongside their CV.”

The app will host job postings from hundreds of huge companies looking for new talent. The user-friendly interface will encourage users to upload short video clips of themselves, explaining why they’re suitable for the role in a creative new way. Applicants will also be able to upload their CV and sign in with their LinkedIn account, giving potential employers a complete view of their suitability for any position.

Snapp CV is also set to become a go-to resource for jobseekers, whether they’re looking for CV writing assistance or one-to-one recruitment advice. Users will be able to look up interview techniques, find out more about the company they’re applying to and put their CV through a personal review service to ensure their written application materials are as good as they can be.

Makhijani adds, “Millennials don’t want to sit in front of a computer for hours, sending identical CVs to employers they’ve never heard of. They want fast access to the latest jobs from the palm of their hand, and the ability to fire off a video message while they’re out with friends or commuting to their existing job.

Snapp CV is not just a job search app – it’s set to become the home of recruitment for Generation Y.”

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