Introducing the Brand New ‘AIR SOUVENIR’ Natural Air Containers For Beautiful and Unforgettable Moments

Ever wished you could relive a special moment or occasion again, even if just for a second or two? Now you can with Air Souvenir – an innovative service providing customers with the containers they need to capture air from special, memorable or unique locations/events. Collecting the natural atmosphere from an important occasion or unforgettable place allows anyone to relive that unique feeling years later – and can even make a wonderful, thoughtful gift for a loved one.

Air Souvenir offers 250ml metal containers, perfect for capturing the natural air from a wedding, birthday, or a special holiday or a one-off event and keep them like a self-made souvenirs. The container can then be opened later down the line, allowing the owner to enjoy a ‘breath of that unique atmosphere’ from that special location/occasion, again. By opening the container and releasing the captured air within, the customer can essentially travel back through time and space, existing again in that particular natural environment for a few seconds once more.

Ian Spencer, Founder of Air Souvenir, says, “I’ve often wished I could experience a special moment again, even if just for a second – and the idea of allowing people to collect and preserve air from wherever/whenever they want came to me in a flash. You can keep your previous success with you. Air Souvenir is like a natural alternative for photo, or a natural addition to it. Why not? And now you may ask me, why yes? Well – from curiosity and for fun I would say. I can only imagine myself at 90 years old having a container with air from my twenties. I know it will not make me suddenly young again, at least it could make me just smile. I’ll see, I’ll tell you then.

“There are plenty of businesses online selling natural air from particular points around the world – but I decided to go one step further, giving my customers the freedom and flexibility to collect their own air from the locations or occasions that they deem special enough to capture. Whether you want to capture air from the moment you said ‘I do’ at your wedding day, or air from the moment a new family member was born, air from a beautiful place if you travel, or from different events you just want to remember, my metal containers allow you the freedom to do just that!”                                                                                                          

An entrepreneur who has just had a life-changing idea could capture the air around them, knowing it gave them the best afflatus and energy for their amazing new venture. Made in the UK and available for just £5.50 per container plus 3,33 for shipping, Air Souvenirs are a fantastic keepsake or sentimental gift for anyone quirky, original or with a real sense of fun. 

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