Introducing the Open Business Council – Brand New Digital Platform Driving Transparency and Change Among SMEs

A brand new small business hub has launched online, with the aim of promoting transparency, sharing and openness among the UK’s SMEs. The Open Business Council is an exciting new digital platform and forum connecting small business owners with a multitude of resources, as well as encouraging them to collaborate, share their experiences and drive change in the business community.

The site gives businesses access to the best digital, financial and funding tools available online, helping them to grow their ventures in sustainable ways. The online hub will also support organisations as they strive to become more competitive, with openness and collaboration at the very heart of everything that Open Business Council does.

Dinis Guarda, Founder of Open Business Council, says, “The aim of our platform and forum is to unite business leaders from diverse backgrounds, to challenge and enhance our understanding of business in general. We’ll also be supporting the many small businesses out there by combining different perspectives on resources, financing, funding, marketing, branding and many more essential disciplines within business.”

“The site could not be successful without users that are willing to share their experiences, collaborate with others and inspire the business community to be more transparent. With that, we invite all small businesses to register their details on the forum and start this sharing revolution!”

The Open Business Council forum is separated into a multitude of categories, to ensure members are able to find the topics that interest them most. From asset-backed finance and business loans to cyber security and overdraft facilities, the forum has tips and advice on everything a business owner could ever need to know in order to grow their business effectively.

Over time, the site will grow to offer information on open innovation, open communication, open research, open planning, open government and open data, as the team seek to promote and encourage transparency across every area of business – for the benefit of everyone.

The overall aim of Open Business Council will be to create a synchronized overall framework of the ‘open business’ concept, which can be applied to different departments, and helps companies to adapt their entire organisation to the changed, connected and collaborative world we now live in.

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