Introducing Upplement: Europe’s First Personalised, Stress-Free Supplement Delivery Service

The new delivery service provides hand-packed, customised supplement pouches for a stress-free, effective supplementation regime.

Upplement is a ground-breaking new supplement delivery service, making it easier than ever to get the vitamins and minerals needed to boost health and achieve fitness goals.

The service, which launches this week, delivers carefully curated pouches of supplements to every customer, taking personal requirements, age, gender and focus areas into account for a stress-free supplement regime. With high-quality pills and capsules made in the UK, and hand-packed pouches, getting the recommended daily amount of various essential vitamins and minerals has never been simpler.

Joey Ceunen, Founder of Upplement, says, “An estimated 38% of the population take vitamins and supplements to stay healthy, spending around £385m per year in the UK. Unfortunately, many take a scattergun approach to supplementation, picking up pills their bodies don’t need, or forgetting to stock up on supplements when they run out.”

“For those serious about supplementation, we’ve created Upplement. This highly personalised service helps customers to select the supplements they need based on their age, gender and other personal requirements, for the most effective supplementation. We deliver these hand-packed vitamin packages to our customers’ doorsteps every 30 days, so they’ll never run out, with daily pouches that eliminate the need for shelves and drawers full of bulky jars.”

The Upplement process for customers is simple. By answering a few questions on registration, customers are matched with their ‘Essentials’ packs – these are the basic vitamins and minerals that everyone needs. Every customer will receive three Essentials in their monthly packs.

Customers can then add up to two Boosters, based on what they care most about improving. Whether customers are in search of healthy joints, beautiful skin, an extra dose of the Sunshine Vitamin or something to lower their cholesterol, the Upplement selection of vitamins and minerals have the Booster to do the job. The daily vitamin pouches are then hand-packed and delivered to customers’ doorsteps within 3-5 days of the initial order.

Supplements available to order as part of the Upplement service include Green Tea Extra, Odourless Garlic, Co-Enzyme Q10, Vitamin D3, Omega 3, 6 and 9, as well as various multivitamins which contain as many as fifty essential nutrients. All supplements are manufactured in the UK to GMP and NRV standards.

The service starts at just £24.99 for each 30-day pack, with free delivery on all orders. For more information about Upplement, visit the website:


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