IQ Timecard helps management ensure stress levels are under control for a more productive workforce

Management looking to create a more productive workforce can manage stress levels, a key factor restricting employees from performing well, with an accurate timekeeping solution from IQ Timecard.

With demanding targets to meet, clients to please or bosses to keep happy, day to day working life can induce levels of stress. Often a vicious cycle can form as further pressure adds to the stress, making a worker unproductive which can result in more tension and worry as the missed deadlines continue to pile up. To combat this, many employees may seek to reduce their stress levels altogether, however this may not be the key to ongoing productivity.

According to the ‘Yerkes-Dodson Law’, small levels of stress can actually encourage a worker to perform better than with no pressure applied at all. However if too much stress is experienced, as well as causing many serious health concerns, it can be equality as detrimental to performance. Business owners looking to achieve the right balance of stress levels for a healthy and productive workforce can encourage a culture of timeliness to put the right amount of pressure on employees without detrimental effect.

Real-time workforce management software from IQ Timecard can assist with this move, creating a transparent overview of arrival and departure hours of each shift for both management and employee to see. This increased insight encourages workers to stick to allocated shift patterns much more efficiently.

David Lynes, Director of IQTimecard, says, “Anyone who has entered the workplace is familiar with the feeling of being overwhelmed, and knows all too well the mental wall that this can often put up, limiting productivity. Small amounts of pressure however, such as ensuring accurate timekeeping can keep workers on their toes, with a healthy level of stress to motivate and spur staff on. Encouraging workers to stick to a timely schedule can also help employees to plan their days more effectively to reduce any overwhelming feelings.”

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