IQTimecard assists the growing workforce revolution as 1 in 10 Brits now work from home

The ability to manage a remote workforce is becoming crucial as one in ten British workers now work from home full-time, explains remote workforce management software solution, IQTimecard. Keeping track of employees working away from the office can be difficult and time consuming but setting up a process that streamlines staff timekeeping can make a real difference.

The technology age means that for many businesses, not every member of staff needs to travel to the office and be physically at their desk every day. With a range of benefits to flexible and distance working, some UK businesses actively encourage employees to work from home either part- or full-time. Operating a remote work environment can cut business costs, such as reducing rent and property outgoings and energy bills. Other advantages also include giving companies access to a wider range of employees when advertising a job role. Studies have suggested that staff working from home are typically happier and more productive.

David Lynes, Director of IQTimecard said, “The growing trend for flexible and remote working is set to continue. Many businesses already allow members of staff to work offsite and app and software developments will only make this option even more appealing. Lynes continued, “While employees working remotely offer some benefits to the employer it also presents additional challenges. Recording when members of staff are working at home for accurate payroll is one such hurdle. The IQTimecard platform is one example of how fit for purpose systems can nurture the benefits of remote working, while still allowing accurate control measures and payroll management.”

IQTimecard is a simple to implement solution that managers can use to keep track of staff shift patterns. The arrival and departure time of employees can be logged in real time on smartphone for flexible, accountable and dependable time management.

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IQTimecard was developed by UniqueIQ, a technology company that uses the very latest digital breakthroughs to spearhead creative solutions.

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