IQTimecard Can Help Struggling Home Care Providers Offer Prolonged Client Visits

IQTimecard Can Help Struggling Home Care Providers Offer Prolonged Client Visits

IQTimecard, time and attendance solution provider and experts on remote workforces, are encouraging domiciliary care businesses to tighten up their scheduling policies after damaging figures showed that vulnerable pensioners are often visited for just five minutes at a time by carers.

Figures obtained in a request under the Freedom of Information Act show that half a million home help and domiciliary care visits lasted less than five minutes, raising concerns that the elderly are not being well treated by these services. Back in December it emerged that three quarters of councils were already using slots of fifteen minutes or less to visit clients – a figure that has been condemned by experts as not enough – but the new figures show that eight councils across the country provided more than 593,000 sub-five minute visits in the last three years.

Derbyshire was the worst affected area – more than 483,000 visits over the last three years lasted for five minutes or less. The visits are said to do more harm than good for vulnerable older people, who can become confused easily when people are in and out of their homes. The short visits also offer barely enough time to make a cup of tea or make sure a client has taken their medication.

IQTimecard is a remote workforce monitoring solution often used in the home care industry to help with scheduling and payroll issues. With its complex reporting system, managers can receive warnings when staff are not spending enough time with clients, clocking out early or leaving the premises before they should. The solution can also help boost scheduling abilities for these businesses, ensuring they have the means to allocate the right amount of time for each client.

David Lynes, Director of IQTimecard, says, “These figures give us an insight into how broadly five-minute visits are being used across the country. We understand that the domiciliary care industry is stretched to breaking point, with staff shortages and budget cuts affecting their service – and IQTimecard can help.”

He adds, “By making businesses more efficient, IQTimecard can save you money that could go towards hiring more staff or boosting the amount of overtime an employee can work. It also helps handle scheduling problems, and the sophisticated software can flag up when a client has received a visit that was too short.”

IQTimecard is used by Home Instead, one of the country’s leading home care services, which boasts an exemplary record according to the Care Quality Commission. Many Home Instead franchised have received ‘Outstanding’ grades all over the country – and IQTimecard has played a part in helping them get to that point of high efficiency and service standard.

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