IQTimecard helps private security firms keep events safe this summer

The summer months are a peak time for event’s organisers as a holiday atmosphere, hotter weather and sense of freedom encourage people to enjoy more recreational activities than usual. During this busy period, remote workforce monitoring solution IQTimecard is increasing efficiency for UK security firms, helping to keep events in Britain safe over summer.

Although many events companies operate all year round, the atmosphere of summertime creates a busy season comprising of outdoor events, sporting events and various cultural festivals. These particular events are highly popular in the UK, with a survey conducted by UK Music revealing that over 3.5 million people attended a music festival last year. Ensuring premium safety for the large crowds that attend these gatherings is imperative to those that organise such events, and the security firms that operate efficiently are favoured in the industry during this lucrative summer season.

David Lynes, Director of IQTimecard said, “At IQTimecard our ultimate goal is to help business achieve more through streamlining their workflow. For companies that manage a remote workforce, such as a private security firm, conventional time and attendance procedures can consume valuable hours and energy that could be better used elsewhere.”

Lynes continued, “Our time and attendance solution is used by many security firms during summer, as it saves staff valuable time that is conventionally spent on completing administrative tasks, allowing them to concentrate fully on their working role. Rather than filing in physical timesheets, workers simply need to call up a number when starting their shift in order to log their entry to work. Our mobile app makes this process even simpler, allowing employees to tap the screen of their smartphone to inform the app that they have arrived at their working location. The mobile tool is also useful as it’s GPS capabilities log the exact position of each employee, allowing remote workforce managers to achieve a much better overview of their working team at all times.”

During busy periods at work, the mobile app from IQTimecard also hosts useful features such as easy access to a 7-day timetable that can be updated automatically, ensuring that even as shift patterns waver, staff are always aware of where they should be and when.

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