Is Taylor Swift a robot? Is Eminem scared of giraffes?

The world’s most widely worshipped and deeply despised pop stars come under the scrutiny of the world’s internet nerds

What we type into the search engines when we want to know more about our biggest idols – the strangely frequent ‘Is Taylor Swift a robot?’ for example - seems to be driven by a weird mixture of love, jealously and sometimes just a good dose of twisted humour.

A study carried out by into the most common ‘Google Suggestions’ for pop’s biggest names highlights some of the bizarre but reoccurring questions being asked. ‘Is Shakira a goat?’ is just another example of the oddness of our collective imagination.

Google Suggestions throws back at users - as they type - the most commonly asked questions relating to whatever the topic in question is. Shakira’s goat-ness (!?) is a surprisingly surreal thing to ask Google about, but plenty of people are doing so.

However, the Colombian booty-shaker is not the only one whose animal qualities are being brought under the spotlight. ‘Miley Cyrus is a chicken’ or ‘a giraffe’ suggest some fans (perhaps because of her sticky out tongue?). ‘Is Lady Gaga a dog?’ ask a disproportionately cruel sector of internet trolls about the extravagant singer.

The savagery does not end there however! Britney Spears comes off even worse as searchers query whether she ‘is an alien with three heads’ or in Beyonce’s case the internet wonders whether she is a ghost. Meanwhile everyone’s favourite (least favourite?) teen idol does not escape unscathed as it is suggested ‘Justin Bieber is like Joffrey’. Yeah, the evil king from Game of Thrones… we can see the resemblance.

Others suggest little JB is ‘a manlet’ (look it up if you have to), whilst some fans are looking to affirm that, ‘Adele is a potato’, the aforementioned ‘David Guetta is deaf’, ‘John Lennon is a communist’, ‘U2 are hypocrites’, and the beautifully surreal ‘Eminem is scared of giraffes’.

Although John Lennon’s political leanings are quizzed by Google users, thankfully for most of the dearly departed the trolls show their soft side. ‘Michael Jackson is in heaven now,’ ‘Bob Marley is alive’ and ‘Amy Winehouse is a legend’ are suggested to (or by?) the curious fans of those three brilliant artists.

Irene Recio who carried out the research at commented, “I have to admit I was almost crying with laughter as I delved around on Google and these weird suggestions came up about Britney, Eminem and Adele. Thankfully the internet seems to be a bit kinder about the likes of MJ and Amy Winehouse, but I’m not sure future generations will be equally kind about all of today’s big stars in 100 years from now!”

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