Is The Business Card Still Relevant?

As a form of introducing oneself since as early as the 15thcentury, business cards have faced a struggle to remain relevant for centuries. As new technologies and ways of communicating have come along and been improved on, the humble business card has ascended above them all to become one of the most single networking tools of all time. But in this age of the internet, of Skype calls and social networks, are business cards still a relevant resource for businesses to invest in?

The short answer is yes. Despite access to advanced communication technology, billions of business cards are still printed across the globe every year, to be handed to customers, clients and potential partners as a simple and easy way of exchanging contact details and remaining in their memory. They have never gone out of fashion and they are still relied upon to transmit important information in an efficient and uncomplicated manner. The reasons behind their continued success are basic: business cards can achieve something which data will never truly be able to imitate. They are a tangible and perceptible way of getting across aspects of one’s personality which might be hidden in an email or behind a computer screen. In the age of such digital domination, business cards have actually become more relevant than ever; with the decline in sending traditional letters or faxes, they are one of the only ways in which a physical product is produced and handed to the recipient.

The hand-to-hand passing of the card and the design of the card itself can tell prospective clients or partners all they need to know about the business the cardholder represents. Meeting people and interacting with them on a personal level, and then combining that impression with a fresh and stylishly-designed business card, can leave a much stronger mark on someone than simply viewing someone’s LinkedIn or Facebook profile. The business card also helps smaller businesses to compete in a pond full of bigger fish. Graphic design and flashy websites can go down as a sign of professionalism, but not all companies can afford this level of investment; smaller companies with smaller budgets can have just as much of an impact with one-on-one meetings, friendly staff and the handing over of smart, compact and professional printed business cards.

There has been much talk of the supposed ‘death of print communication’ in recent years, but the humble business card still has a role to play in the ever-changing corporate environment of the twenty-first century.

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