Jab’Argan Oil Enriched with Vitamins Supports Radiant Skin and Healthy Locks

Argan oil is still riding high as the luxury beauty product of the moment – and Jab'Argan Oil offers the crème de la crème of the skin and haircare world, with a range of vitamin-enhanced formulas that contribute towards radiant skin and glossy, healthy hair.

With an array of natural solutions, enriched with vitamins and minerals, Jab'Argan Oil is the go-to provider of these renowned desert island products, and has already helped hundreds of women to rediscover their natural beauty.

Argan oil is renowned as a natural healing and moisturising substances, loaded with vitamin A and vitamin E, as well as a multitude of other useful components. Omega-6 fatty acids and anti-oxidants are all present in argan oil, as is linoleic acid – a nourishing substance which cannot be produced by the body alone. Argan oil is also a wonderful collagen booster, helping to revive ageing skin and give hair a thicker and healthier appearance.

A spokesman for Jab'Argan Oil says, “Argan oil continues to be the most sought-after nourishing beauty oil on the market, and we’ve tapped into its wonderful properties with a range of products designed to nourish, skin and hair, supporting growth and keeping it hydrated. We’ve also enriched the oils in our products with extra vitamins and minerals, for an all-round beauty product that is a must in any woman’s skincare or haircare regime this Christmas.”

The experts at Jab'Argan Oil have blended the natural compound with pomegranate seed oil in one of their products, creating an anti-inflammatory product that boosts collagen production and lightens hyper-pigmented areas of the skin. Punic acid, the fatty acid present in pomegranate seed oil, has been harnessed to create a product with excellent moisturising, protecting and nourishing properties. Also available is Jab'Argan Oil with prickly pear seed extract – perfect for healing cuts, lessening blemishes and reducing tell-tale dark circles under the eyes.

The spokesman continues, “Our totally organic products are the ideal Christmas gift for a loved one this year – and they make an equally great gift to yourself ‘just because’. We’d encourage all argan oil fans to stay tuned to our website for the latest new releases – our team are always researching brand new infusions and exciting new ways to harness the power of argan oil, and we’re looking forward to introducing a range of new products to the market in the coming months and years.”

For more information about Jab'Argan Oil , visit the website: http://www.jabarganoil.com/

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With a range of 100% organic argan oil products, enriched with vitamins and minerals, Jab Argan Oil is the go-to provider of this beauty must-have.



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