Jargon-Busting Creative Agency, Digivita, Helps Small Business Navigate Online Marketing Realm with Ease

Digivita is the straight-talking, jargon-busting creative agency helping businesses to navigate the tough world of online marketing with a range of dynamic, visibility-boosting services.

From SEO and PPC to website development and social media, Digivita covers all bases for clients who are looking to increase their online presence and really get noticed on the web. Specialising in Google Adwords, the team at Digivita will help steer their clients through the realm of online marketing, keeping it simple while ensuring superb results and boosted visibility.

As a Google Partner, verified Growth Voucher partner and member of the Chartered Institute for Marketing, Digivita’s credentials are impressive – and with client numbers rocketing since its inception, this creative agency is fast becoming a go-to for businesses with any kind of online marketing needs.

Farah Radford, Managing Director of Digivita says, “Smaller businesses trying to have an impact online can find it incredibly tough – especially with so much jargon and tech lingo being thrown around. We try to keep everything really simple for clients, so that they can better understand how to effectively market their business without being an Adwords expert or a PPC wizard.”

She also adds, “We’ve seen a great rise in the number of clients coming to us over recent months, which shows that there’s a real need for this kind of straight-talking service within the industry. We’re pleased to provide a thorough, comprehensive marketing service that gets results, and we’re also thrilled that we can help so many businesses realise their true online potential.”

Digivita has already worked with a broad range of clients, providing their services to charities, educational establishments, small businesses and other marketing agencies. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to marketing, but Digivita have consistently shown their ability to adapt and provide stellar campaigns for any type of client.

Digivita also provide an expert training service for businesses that want to ensure their in-house marketers are as effective as possible. The team can provide in-house Adwords, social media and email marketing training for individuals and groups, with affordable coaching sessions that add real value for businesses.

For more information about Digivita, please visit the website: http://www.digivita.co.uk/

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