Jo Thornton Announce Restock of Coveted ‘Style 7B’ Breast Enhancers, Just in Time for Summer

Confidence boosting specialist, Jo Thornton has relaunched one of her beloved breast-enhancing favourites, just in time for summer.

After teaming up with a fantastic new supplier, Jo Thornton has reintroduced the much-loved Style 7B breast enhancer, offering an increase of up to two full cup sizes, with a totally natural look.

The Style 7B has been out of stock for around a year, but now she’s back and ready to make her presence known! Not only is the cleavage-boosting miracle-worker back in stock, she’s back in stock at a reduced price of £15.40, for a limited time only.

The pair of breast enhancers help ladies to enhance their best assets, pushing them up or filling them out without appearing fake. The ridged curve of these breast enhancers helps keep their shape perfectly, and blend with the breasts for an authentic look, whether you’re going for a deep, plunging swimsuit or a daring bandeau dress.

Jo Lucas, Founder and Director, says, “I’m thrilled to have the Style 7B breast enhancers back in stock. This style was very popular the first time around, and now with a wonderful new supplier, she’s ready to offer a real boost on those occasions when you really need to impress.”

Jo adds, “Summer is just around the corner, and many women are feeling self-conscious about flashing the flesh – but with the Style 7B enhancers back in stock, ladies can achieve a fuller, more shapely look, giving them confidence in their body and allowing them to relax and enjoy the summer without feeling insecure.”

Style 7B is suitable for ladies with B, C, D and E cups – the most pronounced increase in size will obviously be experienced by those with a smaller bust to begin with, but the enhancers are expected to add one or two cup sizes at the least. The total weight is 330g, and the cleavage-creators have a medium texture, allowing them to blend with the bra while still giving a firm, comfortable push.

Jo Thornton started as an online shop selling breast enhancers, and has since grown into a one-stop-shop for ladies feeling self-conscious about their bust size or shape. Ladies who need help after surgery, or those who simply want to achieve a fuller shape, have flocked to the online store – and as the store has grown, so has the product range. What started out as ‘Silicone-Sally’ blossomed into a successful business selling breast forms and prosthetic breasts, as well as tit tape, nipple covers and the popular breast enhancers that helped make the venture so successful.

Jo continues, “Every woman is blessed with a different shape, and we all want different things from our bras, depending on our outfit and how confident we’re feeling. We deserve to have those needs catered for. My store now offers the largest range of breast enhancers in the UK, as well as a multitude of complementary products designed to help women look and feel great, whatever they’re wearing.”

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