Join Image Editing Revolution with Pixeluvo

Forget sky-high subscriptions and complex interfaces. A dynamic young software group is reimagining the conventions of photo editing with an innovative new product called Pixeluvo. Simple, diverse and far more affordable than its big name counterparts, the powerful image editing software is set to be a staple on desktops across the globe.

Engineered exclusively for use with Windows and Linux users, Pixeluvo offers amateur photographers a premium quality alternative to Photoshop, without the eye-wateringly high price tag. Emblazoned with a tagline of ‘beautiful images made easy,’ its modern interface is simple and streamlined yet still ingrained with all the depth needed to create professional standard finished products.  

From simple photo cropping and resizing to complex image manipulation with multiple adjustment layers and masks, Pixeluvo can handle a complete range of day-to-day image editing requirements. With its high quality toolset and meticulous attention to detail, the entire experience is a pleasure.

Andy Gill, owner and creator at Pixeluvo said, “I wanted to create an image editing solution that offered users power and quality, without the ludicrous pricing that accompanies the products released by the industry’s big name players.”  

While other image enhancement software services demand hours on end of editing, Pixeluvo creates beautiful pictures with just a few clicks of the mouse. The intuitive tools allow editors to fix perspective distortion, add a vignette, quickly paint out blemishes with the Spot-Heal tool, transform the feel of an image with the Quick Color filter and add text or captions to images in an instant.

For precise refinements Pixeluvo features a handful of powerful editing tools. This gives users the flexibility to quickly isolate regions for further editing. Complete with an inventory of high quality brush pre-sets designed to simulate real media and support pressure sensitive graphics tablets for exceptional realism and control, the Paintbrush Tool is perfect for professional standard touch ups. Other tools include Spot-Heal, Clone, Filter, Text and Warp.

Users enjoy access to a wide range of advanced features that put the software on par with its big name counterparts. Key functions include non-destructive editing via adjustment layers, full support for raw image formats, powerful colour correction tools, realistic pressure-sensitive drawing tools and a myriad of image enhancement filters.

After leaving his job as a Sony games programmer, Gill noticed a gaping hole in the market for an affordable and professional image editing solution that didn’t compromise on quality. Self-built platform Pixeluvo is the culmination of his efforts, with the software already undergoing a series of version upgrades since its initial release.

Since launching the software has received glowing feedback from customers who are beyond impressed with its professional standard, streamlined interface and of course, affordable price tag.

"Pixeluvo is fast, uncluttered, and works extremely well," says Thomas, a Pixeluvo customer from Germany.

"Love it! Great alternative to the costly Photoshop, and much easier to use!" says Owen, a satisfied Canadian user.

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Developed by former Sony games programmer Andy Gill, Pixeluvo is a new generation of photo editing software designed for Windows and Linux users. The interface is simple and easy to use, accompanied by an affordable price tag. This makes it a great Photoshop alternative for amateur photographers, and anyone with an interest in enhancing the aesthetics of personal albums. The latest version of Pixeluvo is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux.