Julien Blanc Should NOT be banned according to UK’s #1 Dating Coach

The UK’s number one dating coach Michael Valmont has spoken out in support of the controversial American ‘pick up coach’, Julien Blanc after a nationwide campaign to ban him from the country.

Julien Blanc’s controversial seduction tactics have sparked controversy in several countries around the world, most recently in the UK after a petition to deny him entry to the UK received widespread support today. The self proclaimed ‘dating guru’ has had his world tour stopped due to several petitions wanting him banned from spreading his misogynstic, sexist and forceful approach to dating – in one video he is shown pushing women’s faces into his crotch.

Blanc was recently named as ‘Time’s Most Hated Man’ and 100,000’s of women and men have signed petitions which have already seen him banished from Australia. Bans are now pending in UK, Canada and Japan.

Michael Valmont, the leading UK dating coach, believes that while Julien Blanc’s views are wrong, they do not warrant him getting banned from entering the country. He said, “I don’t condone Julian’s approach but I don’t think they warrant an entrance ban. Dating and life coaching is about personal development, growing and finding your confidence as a man. If you are in a position to be a strong role model for men who struggle with dating, it’s your obligation to teach them a healthy and transparent philosophy that empowers them without degrading women.”

Valmont is a well connected and well known name in the dating industry. He believes Blanc to be a ‘nice’ guy but takes on an alter ego to stand out in the industry. This alter ego is “sociopathetic, misogynistic and borderline psychopathic”. This ‘marketing tactic’ has brought him a cult following but has seen him this push it one step too far. Valmont continues, “We have well known terrorists living here in the UK. Despite Julien’s views and tactics being undoubtedly sexist, I don’t think that is enough to warrant a ban of him stepping foot in the country. We have well known terrorists living here, murderers and convicted rapists - banning him will only give him the spotlight that he has longed for. This is what he wanted all along.On a larger scale, banning Julien would be censorship.”

Michael Valmont’s company teaches a holistic approach to dating and claims the root cause of this is not Julien Blanc but wider teachings within the PUA industry. “The PUA industry has had it wrong all along, teaching tactics to control and manipulate. These methods have the potential to give you short term success but will rarely leave long term fulfilment, sucking in men who are vulnerable.’’

“I believe this should cause us to look at our society on a deeper level. There are guys out there who lack confidence, social skills and dating lives. They want answers and need help. These men shouldn’t be stigmatised or ashamed otherwise they will turn to the only solutions they feel right.’’

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About Michael Valmont and Core Evolve

Michael Valmont has worked with hundreds of men and through live training globally helped them to be more successful with women. He has been a featured expert for several top publications including Glamour and Men’s Health. He has seen every conceivable issue a man can have. Valmont’s passion and purpose is to help clients develop confidence, social and dating skills.