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What is accepted as ‘the norm’ within the working world is becoming increasingly different as we enter 2016, especially for the creative industries. Now, with the rise of small agencies and freelancing, innovative studio spaces and co-working environments are becoming more common, replacing the conventional office. As formality and the need for a corporate environment is becoming less popular with inspirational and functional working spaces taking their place, lifestyle store Kept Edition stocks a huge range of contemporary homewares to help build this new breed of stylish working environments.

As well as offering a hand-picked selection of apparel from globally sourced brands, Kept Edition builds an all-consuming lifestyle store with their offering of fresh and innovative interior objects, created by new and established design houses. Encompassing artistic prints, candles, stationary and other living items, individuals looking to enrich their working space with curated creativity can do so with Kept Edition.

Paolo Rizzo, founder of Kept Edition commented, “The rise of technology has had an impact on almost every aspect of modern day life, including our accepted workplace dynamics. With reliable internet and task-management software, a worker no longer has to graft in the same physical place as the company they are employed by, or the clients which they are working with.”

Rizzo continued, “We are also accepting that creativity cannot thrive when placed in limited environments, which is also seeing an increase in both fun and functional workspaces, including the popular co-working venues and studio spaces that are cropping up, used by freelancers and agencies alike. At Kept Edition we have carefully selected a small but considered range of design focussed home wares, suitable for creating an inspirational working environment for these fluid spaces.”

The range of subtly stylish stationary from design house Tom Pigeon, including a trio of notebooks, a calendar with impeccable typography and beautiful copper tape, can add a creative touch to any quick-fire meeting. For a functional yet attractive office decoration, workers can choose from a selection of contemporary pots and planters from OK Concrete or designer, Louise Madzia, to house a succulent plant perfectly. Those that like to use scent to add a fresh atmosphere and build a mood can also do so, with a botanist candle from wholesome, Brooklyn based brand, Leif.

Kept Edition pay attention to the importance of design, and the impact it can have in any environment it is placed. Browse the full range of carefully selected interior objects at:


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Kept Edition is not only a lifestyle store, but is a vibrant destination for those in search of high quality, globally sourced goods and thought provoking content.  It supplies clothing and homeware and goods where design, quality and creativity is put before anything else.

All brands stocked and the products they make have been shaped by the moments they have experienced and culture they've lived in. This ethos has resulted in a unique platform for emerging designers to sit amongst established international super brands like Carhartt, Libertine-Libertine, WeSC, Wireworks, OK Concrete and many others. 



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