Kept Edition supports home-grown brands for an independent lifestyle.

In 2016 the consumer is faced with a huge choice every time they look to make a purchase, as independent retailers utilise the Internet to promote themselves alongside mainstream, established brands, diluting the retail landscape. Now, with the means to buy niche and specialist items to truly represent their personality, much of the spending public is rejecting mass-produced goods in favour of one-off finds. Online contemporary lifestyle destination, Kept Edition supports this pursuit for individuality, carefully curating a product selection of unique, limited edition goods for its web based store, sourced only from innovative and creative brands. 

Kept Edition displays home-grown talent alongside respected, underground brands, all united in their choice to reject mass-consumer culture. Sourced by scouring the creative communities in search of pioneering minds and design studios, the online store provides a refreshing shopping experience for those that seek it. With an offering of both fashion and home wares, Kept Edition enables its customers to form an entirely independent lifestyle, adorning themselves and their surroundings accordingly.

Paolo Rizzo, founder of Peak Habitat commented, “Peoples consumer choices used to be limited only to that which was offered by the large, mainstream retailers, making it hard to express yourself using the goods that were available to you. However, with the rise of the Internet people are empowered and are increasingly growing in confidence as it becomes easier than ever to access lifestyle goods that truly represent their personality. They are looking to express ourselves in their own unique way, and independent brands are empowering people to do that.”

Paolo Rizzo continued “At Kept Edition we find this notion inspiring, and have worked hard to create a shopping platform that will further enable these beautiful discoveries.”

The web-store created by Kept Edition has been crafted with as much care as the products it promotes, providing a simple to use shopping platform with spacious editorial aesthetics, making a refreshing change to the overcrowded mainstream offering. Once there, customers can browse through an assortment of globally sourced goods, inspired by the different cultures of each designer that made them. Design studios such as Tom Pigeon, Wireworks, OK Concrete and Leif can all be found at the one-stop independent lifestyle store.

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Kept Edition is not only a lifestyle store, but is a vibrant destination for those in search of high quality, globally sourced goods and thought provoking content.  It supplies clothing and homeware and goods where design, quality and creativity is put before anything else.

All brands stocked and the products they make have been shaped by the moments they have experienced and culture they've lived in. This ethos has resulted in a unique platform for emerging designers to sit amongst established international super brands like Carhartt, Libertine-Libertine, WeSC, Wireworks, OK Concrete and many others.



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