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Much to the disappointment of many youngsters across the globe, the end of August also marks the end of the summer holidays for school children as term time is about to re-commence in September. After many weeks of nothing but fun games and activities, parents wanting to prepare their kids for returning to education can refresh their academic skills with the range of word and math based games at My Real Games.

The free to play, family friendly gaming website offers a huge selection of fun titles to keep its players entertained, as well as providing a selection of games that can be used to test the knowledge of children to prepare for a new season of learning at school in a enjoyable and exciting way.

Nikolai Veselov from said, “As a child, the thought of returning to school after  a long period of hanging out with friends and family during summer break can seem very unattractive, and with so much time away from the classroom it can be tricky to ‘rewire’ the brain again to get ready for long periods of concentration and learning.”

Veselov continued, “Parents that are wanting to help their children get back into the mindset of learning can do so by heading to All of the titles on our website can be enjoyed in small, bite sized chunks, so when suggesting that your kids play an educational game, the idea will be much less daunting to them.”

The downloadable game Word Quest is perfect to test the literacy skills of people of all ages! Players need to work against the clock to make as many words possible using the six random letters they are given to work with. This high-speed, quick fire title will be sure to get even the most inactive brains thinking again, to solve the puzzles and win the game!

Kids can refresh their numeracy skills with the magical math based game, Maxine. Players must help the beautiful unicorn, Maxine collect all of the falling hearts on her horn using their addition and subtraction skills. For even more of a challenge, there is the option to include the villainous mosquito that makes this game even more difficult for those that are more advanced at mathematics.

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