Choosing a new kitchen can be tough. But Topsco, one of the UK’s major suppliers of kitchen worktops have just launched their brand new website at where customers can choose from a range of customised granite, marble and quartz worktops. Not only that, they’ve also just release a huge range of new quartz worktops in a variety of colours, giving their customers more choice than ever when choosing a new kitchen design, be it for their home or commercial setting.

The new range consists of 35 new colours of worktop all expertly crafted from the semi-precious mineral at the company’s London based factory by approved engineers and stone masons. The company’s fastidious quality control measures ensure that only the finest stones go into making each worktop thus guaranteeing consistent quality with every slab. With the 35 new colours being added to Topsco’s already broad range, the total number of colours and styles that their customers can choose from is now in the hundreds.

The colours they have on offer is enough to get anyone salivating, with delicious sounding names like deep browns of ‘Cappucino,’ and ‘Caramelo,’ and the rich creaminess of ‘Biscotti,’ and ‘Crema Roma.’ The worktops are designed for the kitchen after all, so it is only fitting that the new range of colours evokes the aroma and flavours of Italian coffee and gelato. For those that prefer a more modern look, there’s the deep blue of ‘Tempesta’ or the sleek black and white of ‘Nero Metallo’ to name a few. Needless to say, there are colours and styles to suit anyone’s tastes.

Topsco’s stylish new website allows customers to look through accurate samples of the extensive range of quartz, granite and marble worktops, all from the comfort of their own living (or kitchen). It sure is a lot easier than having to haul through samples of heavy slabs of polished rock! Each section also gives an informative and interesting explanation about each kind of stone on offer, to the delight of any geology enthusiast as well as anyone on the hunt for a new kitchen. For example, the website explains that “Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s crust. Several of the many different varieties of quartz are semi-precious gemstones used for jewellery.”

As helpful as the new website is with its high definition examples of each worktop and scientific descriptions of each stone, sometimes nothing beats seeing the real thing first hand. Handily, Topsco also offer a service where their sales team can personally visit a customer’s premises – be it residential or commercial – and give a full design consultation, measure up the kitchen and offer quote there and then.

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TOPSCO kitchen worktop specialists are one of the UK’s major suppliers of stone to the kitchen industry. Our London based factory uses state of the art equipment and machines to precision cut your granite kitchen worktops to match any design.